Siriusly_fandoms Presents: Writing Tips & Life Advice from a Young Writer

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My name is Sophie, and you may know me on here by the username Siriusly_fandoms! One of my more popular books is A Note A Day, which you should check out if you haven't already!

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My name is Sophie, and you may know me on here by the username Siriusly_fandoms! One of my more popular books is A Note A Day, which you should check out if you haven't already!

I started writing on here when I was pretty young — I think I created an account the summer of my sixth grade, when I was twelve. I got my start by writing Percy Jackson fan-fictions, and as embarrassing as those are now that I look back on it, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I got my start, and here I am!

I'm still a fairly young writer, and I started to get pretty successful with my own works in just the eighth grade. For this post, I thought I would give some tips that I wish I knew about as a young writer, and some life-and-school tips as a soon to be senior in high school.



The best way to get better at writing is to keep writing. That, and reading more, really increased my level of writing. Since I've been writing since the sixth grade, I've seen my word choice mature, my descriptions become more detailed, and my dialogue become much more realistic. The more you immerse yourself with writing, and the more practice you get, the more you will see your own writing get better.

Edit your writing. Going back after you finish a chapter and checking both your grammar and spelling really improve a story. Not to mention, when looking back at a chapter once you've completed it, sometimes it's good to add in extra scenes or take scenes out that now seem out of place.

Show, don't tell! I've struggled with this a lot, but this tip has really improved my writing. When writing how someone feels, don't just say they're "sad". Use description to help you craft the perfect showcase of this emotion; maybe your character's shoulders droop, or they squeeze their eyes shut and wipe something off their cheek. It's much more effective, and leaves much more of an impact than, "He was sad".

Keep writing. Even if you have no idea where a chapter is going, push yourself to keep writing. You can always make edits after finishing, and once it's finished, you might feel better about the writing than you did when you started it.

Be open to any and all criticism, even ask for it! Sometimes it's best to hear other opinions. It may even strike up inspiration. Ask friends, family, or even people here on Wattpad! You don't necessarily need to agree with it, but maybe try something new!

But at the end of the day, write for you! Make the choices you feel are best for your book, and don't feel influenced by readers and critics to change your mind. If you think that it's best for your book, do it! Don't feel pressured, and write something you're happy with!

Use your life and your surroundings to inspire your writing. I often find myself listening to music and feeling the emotion, and that helps me transfer the feelings into my writing. Also, events in my life help me relate to my writing, for instance, days at school or conversations with friends. Channel your emotions and your surroundings into your writing, and it will make it a lot more real and raw.

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