clararicks1 presents: And Then It Rained. A Rain Again Spin-off

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Hello, everyone! I'm Clara Ricks and this is my first time participating in the Wattpad Block Party. Yay! Thank you so much, KellyAnneBlount.

Today, I'll be posting the prologue of my book Rain Again's spin-off: And Then It Rained. Do you like the title?

The plot of this story is still getting developed, so many changes will be made, many things will probably be added new.

Before we dive into the prologue, I wanted to say... this is a spin-off I wasn't much sure I was going to write, because where I ended Rain Again I must say I am pretty satisfied with that. But then, so many people began coming up and telling me they want to read more about the other essential characters of the story. What happened to Victor and the mystery girl in white who ran into him? What happened to Ellie and Neil? Alex and Kate? Will Ellie ever bring out her pocket-knife you know from where? Well, it's time to answer all these questions.

So, here I present to you the prologue of And Then It Rained:


In the beginning there was rain, and the rain was colder than death.

As Victor lay flailing under the woman, the light drizzling slowly began increasing to a freezing downpour.

Here he was running alongside the taxi Kate was in, his stomach filled with painful knots of letting go and this woman had suddenly come out of nowhere, in a flurry of white, like a storm wearing the mask of gentle clouds in the skies; and she had crashed into him in the speed of a freight train. She made him fall, took him down with her. And before he knew it he was buried under her billowing dress.

"What the hell!" He slapped away the silky material of her skirt from his face; the task was a little difficult because both her dress and his skin were now sodden with rainwater. The nature made her cling to him with everything she had.

As he glanced down he found the humongous layers of silk were a wedding gown. Now, why would a bride run on a pavement like this?

"Move, woman!" He cried. But her face was tucked into the crook of his neck and she showed no sign of removing it from there. Her wet breaths on his equally wet skin made him shudder.

The stitch of desperation in Victor's stomach grew tenfold. He could not hear Kate's taxi anymore. It had left.

He himself had sent Kate off to Alex, he himself had let her go. He knew it was the right thing to do but that didn't mean it hurt any less. Hurt gave way to anger.

It was no fun lying on the pavement in such heavy rain. All the water was getting into his mouth and nose. He spluttered.

All his anger channeled towards this woman who was still sprawled on top of him. He could have run for a little more alongside Kate's taxi but this damn woman had to come in his way.

It was all her fault.

She moved her face up at the same time as he gripped her arms to push her off of him. And the face that stared back at him was not an unknown one.

He sucked in a breath and immediately choked on rainwater.

"Victoria!" his rain sodden mouth mumbled before he knew it.

Her eyes were wide with recognition too, seeing him, recognizing him. "Victor!" her lips moved.

Yes, they were almost namesakes and that fact had earned so many hilarious remarks from people in the past. Anyways, the memories that hurled back into his mind at the moment were none pleasant ones.

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