Angeltwist Presents: Married to the Prince of Darkness from Luc's POV

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Hello there ❤️

My name is Vicky Alice aka Angeltwist. I have been writing supernatural romance on Wattpad, for a while. My most successful story is Married to the Prince of Darkness. I wrote it back 2006 and then completely rewrote again in 2015. Since the rewrite of Married to the Prince of Darkness, the story has clocked over forty million reads and it has always been one of my most popular stories.

When choosing what to write for the Wattpad Block Party, I asked my readers what they wanted me to write. Unsurprisingly, they wanted a chapter from Married to the Prince of Darkness, written from Luc's point of view. So here is the first chapter written from Luc's POV.

And don't worry if you have never read Married to the Prince of Darkness before, I've written this assuming the reader has never read the story :)

So please enjoy and if you have a questions for me, please let me know in the comment section below or shoot me a message social media (check out the fancy social media below):

Also, I have to say a big thank you to KellyAnneBlount for organising this amazing event and letting me be apart of it!

Also, I have to say a big thank you to KellyAnneBlount for organising this amazing event and letting me be apart of it!

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Chapter One – Luc's POV

This all started when my brother, Louis, decided he no longer wanted to live.

His first wife, and true love, had been dead for nearly ten years and despite remarrying, the pain of living without his true mate was too much. Death was what he longed for and yet it was the one thing he could not have. Louis was the King of the vampires of North America and he could not bow out of life until he had an heir to pass his crown to. After his second marriage failed to produce any children, the burden fell upon me. He summoned me before the court and announced it was time for me to take a wife.

"Luc, as it has been the custom since our father cursed the town Blackwater, you must go there this Halloween and claim a bride," he had said to me.

I had stood there in shocked silence, as the court erupted into thunderous applause around me. This was the first time he had ever mentioned the matter of marriage to me. Normally, these subjects were spoken of in private before announcing it to the whole court, but Louis must have known what my reaction would be.

After court had ended, I confronted him.

"For Christ's sake, I can't get married," I yelled at him.

"Nonsense. You're a healthy young man, there is no reason for you to be alone."

"No reason!" I let out a hollow laugh. "You know exactly why I can't marry. It's the same reason I can't become King."

"Luc, your condition is wonderfully unique, yet tragically misunderstood by many. I would hand the crown to you, if the people supported it...but, they are frightened of you."

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