HazelEyes_1 Presents: Work

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Hey everyone!

It's my second time here at the Wattpad Block Party. And I cannot be anymore excited about being a part of such a stellar celebration. A huge Thank You to our amazing host  for giving me this opportunity again!

So without any further ado, I present to you my short story 'Work'. Happy reading ☺

Clara McLaren wasn't amused at all.

She was sat on a plane that was supposed to take her back to her home city. But then there were two problems. For one, the flight touched down at the San Francisco International Airport two hours later than scheduled. And now, it just wasn't taking off to its next destination which was Los Angeles. Her home city.

The reason being one of the passengers was still not on the plane. Since all the seats were full and only the seat next to her was vacant, math and logic came at a lightning speed to Clara.

She checked her watch. And frowned. She didn't wanna miss her best friend's lake party. Because Clara didn't even remember the last time she'd strutted around in a bikini 'cause that was a pretty long time ago. Say, a month? Five weeks tops.


"This is the final boarding call for Elijah Scane booked on flight UA 6537 to Los Angeles. Please proceed to Boarding Area F Gate 72 immediately."

That announcement at San Francisco International Airport caused Elijah Scane to panic.

"Can't miss this!" he told himself as he heaved his bag over his shoulder and ran faster than ever.

Eye witnesses at the airport saw the handsome young man dashing across the airport like a gust of wind. Elijah Scane let out a sigh of relief when Gate 72 was a stone throw away.

Meanwhile, inside UA 6537, Clara McLaren glanced at her watch, for what she would call, the millionth time and frowned even harder.

"If I am to miss the party today, this passenger better be a hot guy worth missing out anything for." She warned her fate.

Because the last time she sat on a plane, it was next to an old bald man. And none of the artists from the celebrated music industry crooning into her ear phones in full volume could drown the snores that came out of his barbaric nostrils.

But things were different this time. Her poor destiny had apparently given in to her threats because she saw this drop dead gorgeous young man in faded jeans and black swag shirt walking the aisle towards her seat while trying to locate his own.

Clara gawked at him. His tall frame, though veiled with clothes, made it evident that he had a perfect body any woman would want to feel against her. Didn't matter whether he wanted to convey it or not but his dark black eyes spelt sensuality to any girl who would stare. The alluring shape of his lips could easily make him the best kisser ever and his jawline, that had a tinge of facial hair, gave him a raw & intense look. His black hair that flopped slightly over his eyes complimented his attractive features.

Inspite of his inebriating sex appeal, anyone could make out that he was a gentleman.

He was a man to be loved, not lusted on. But sadly, Clara didn't know love. Hence, she felt the other 'L'.

Elijah figured that his seat was next to the girl who surely seemed to be attracted to him. And he too couldn't resist looking at her. She was hot, what with her brown expressive hazel eyes, shoulder length cherry blonde hair and red glossy lips.

Sparks flew from both ends.

All the passengers were seated. The air hostesses, the pilot and the other cabin crew members were at their correct places. Flight UA 6537 finally took off on a fascinating journey to LA. Fascinating only for two particular people on the plane....

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