Chapter 25

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The folk from Level Two are scattered outside in a nervous wreck. My brain only hears static noise as they speak in perfect English.

A bitter substance fills my chest.

He's dead.

Just then, we notice a veiled body being rolled out of the building on a stretcher.

"Enrico!" Oliver screams as he gets out of the car and slams the door shut behind him.

He sprints over to the stretcher, breathing heavy.

I turn back to Candy.

"Thank you, I'm grateful for your kindness."

She shifts the gear into parking. "You know what? I'll stay parked here, if you need me."

"Thanks," I mutter breathlessly as I get out of the car and catch up to Oliver.

He's yelling at the emergency responders.

"Get the AED, you idiot!"

She bats her long eyelashes. "I'm sorry, but it's been too long since he's had a pulse—"

He roars, "I'LL DO IT MYSELF!"


"Summer!" He shouts. "Help me over here!"

I run up to him and spot the AED. "Here!"

He powers the machine on and the verbal instruction begins.

" -Remove all clothing from the patients chest-"

Oliver pulls the cover off of him.

There lies a disturbingly lifeless version of Enrico, the right side of his vest soaked with his own blood.

He was shot.

A tear slides down Oliver's face as I scramble to remove the vest. The shirt underneath isn't budging, so Oliver forcefully rips the shirt apart, exposing Enrico's chest.

"Come on.." he mutters as he slaps the shock pads onto his chest urgently.

The machine sounds, " Shock advised. Charging!"

A seed of hope sprouts in me.

The button flashes a bright orange. It's ready to deliver its 360 joules of fibrillation.

Oliver nods at me. "Press the button! That'll deliver the shock, hopefully enough to restart his heart—"

Suddenly, a male staff member holds Oliver back.

The hell?!

The woman takes a hold of my wrists with her hands. "Hey! You aren't authorized—"

I remember what I did to Enrico the day I met him. Ironically, this is to save his life.

I forcefully swing my foot around and push her body away from mine."Ouch!" She yips as she lets go of my wrists.

I turn and slam my hand on the button, pressing it.

A shock is administered through his body as it jolts.

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