Chapter 17

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~Above pic: Luna (but feminine)~

Luna fiddles with the door to the roof. I watch her curiously as she stands up.

"Sunshine..."Luna's voice is lined with guilt.


Her back remains facing me. "I... think the door to the elevator is... locked."

Oh lord.

My hands run through my hair. "Luna, this better not be a joke—"

"What, you'd rather us be stuck up here the rest of the night?"


"Well then, have your wish." She sits down on the roof, palms rubbing her forehead.

Is she mad at me?

Really now. I am on the verge of lying down and doing absolutely nothing.


"I love you. Summer."

The words ring in my head, filling my chest with a tender feeling as I breathe deeply.

No. I have to help.

After all, she came up here for me.

I hop up, walk past Luna, then step onto the door. It's locked, but it feels loose on its hinges...

"Sunshine? What are you doing?"

"Fixing it."

I jump and slam my foot into the roof door.

A huge sound ricochets off the board, and it sounds like it broke. But alas, I am still standing.

She steps forward. "Sunshine, I can do-"

"Just relax a little. You're still a girl, y'know?" I smile.

I glance at her, and she wears an expression of both desire and sadness.

"I know."

I repeat the same motion, and the top hinge pops off. Another loud crack sounds.

One more time should do it. I jump and slam my knee into the door as hard as I can.

A pain shoots up my leg. Luckily, I've broken the board. By myself!

"Let's go." My incredibly smug face shows as I lower myself into the shaft.

"Your face looks like a... a little pug when you do that!" She laughs so hard she has to kneel over.

"A little pug?" I raise an eyebrow. "Come on."


I shakily take a step out of the elevator.

Luna follows behind me. Once again, I can feel her hot breath fanning my neck. This time, however, it makes me breathe faster.

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