Chapter 10

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              ~Picture Above: Enrico~

I open my eyes heavily. The room appears dull and dark.

I slowly sit up, teary eyed from yawning. It still looks like night outside the wide window in the bedroom.

Carefully, I turn over to see Luna sleeping next to me. Thank goodness she still has her undergarments on.

I look down at her neck, and it seems as if it's healed a bit.

Having a tender emotion overcome me, I bend down and lightly kiss her hot neck.

I get out of bed and press the small button next to the window.

The window shifts loudly before rising up, making me wince and turn towards Luna. Fortunately, she was not awakened by the loud sound, and is still asleep in the covers.

As the window fully opens, cold air hits me like a blade of ice on my cheeks. Wind slowly flows around me and into the bedroom.

I step onto the balcony and savor the way cold wind feels on my body. It makes me shiver, in a good way.

I pull a small, metal chair out from the side of the balcony and sit there, with my eyes closed.

When I open my eyes (after quite some time), I look to see the sun is still vacant from the dark sky.

What time is it, anyway?

I glance at the bathroom clock. Wow, I woke up kinda early.

However, considering Luna and I both went to sleep near sunset, I did sleep quite a lot.

'We're both idiots', I think comically as I place my back on the metal chair.

I hear rustling behind me.

I look over my shoulder, and see Luna sauntering to the balcony, eyes hazy and focused on me.

My cheeks instantly light up. I pick up the scent of light vanilla once again.

"Did you sleep well?" I ask calmly as I see the wind blow through her short hair.

"I did. What about you, Sunshine?" Her voice is raspier than normal, sending an additional chill down my spine.

"I slept... well."

Luna steps barefoot onto the balcony, taking a short breath in when her foot touches the cold ground.

I lean back to face her, bending my back over the chair so my face is almost upside down. She quietly laughs.

My eyes slowly travel to her body, resting on her soft curves. She is still in her lace bra, with matching underpants...

Then her face lights up in fear. "Sorry, I... Wait a second.."

She nervously runs into the closet and shuts the door.

About a minute later, she re-emerges from the closet, dressed in a simple buttoned shirt and trousers, both a crisp white.

"Sorry," she comments. "I can't be seen in a bra near public's view, you know."

I look at her with understanding, before anger slowly creeps into my expression.

Remembering what happened yesterday with Mr. Roselyn, I feel pissed.

Luna senses my mood and asks, "What's wrong?"

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