Chapter 11

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~Picture above: ??? (You'll find out)~

I'm completely shocked by all of what happened.

  However, I have no time to comprehend things, because I need to get my wedding dress. It couldn't be postponed.

  I am going only with myself and Luna. This is exactly what I wanted on our last trip, but now... I'm kind of freaking out. I can feel my heart throb.

  Anyway, I am now sitting in the driver's seat of the little red sports car, fumbling with my hands. Luna is sitting next to me.

I haven't even started the car yet.

  You see, I have my driver's license, yet I feel uncomfortable driving because I rarely drive a car. I almost crashed a car once.

  My trembling hands start the car as it hums to life.

Luna nudges my arm. "Let's go. You can drive, right?"

I sigh and take off my seatbelt.


"Could you please drive this time?" I stand up and say with a huff.

  She grins in such a devilish way, it makes me go to put my seatbelt back on.

I start to sit down again, but unfortunately, I am too late.

Luna has already slinked into the driver's seat.

Which kind of means my butt is pressed onto her lap.

And it feels... nice. (Pan Pervert has returned.)

  I feel Luna's warm hand brush the side of my waist. Shit... I suck my breath in, as I try to deny how she's making me feel.

  She slides her hand under my legs and picks me up.

  "H-Hey!" I exclaim, though I'm actually feeling slightly turned on.

  She plops me down on the passenger's seat, her face turned away from me. "Seatbelt."

  I reluctantly put it on. As soon as she hears the click, I can see a smile spread across her turned face.

  She startlingly jolts the car forward, nearly slamming my head into the passenger's compartment.

...Oh no. I have a feeling she's worse than me.

  The car whirls around and nearly slams into the back wall before speeding out of the back parking area.

  The car starts to drive steadily in a straight line down the road. 

  I turn to Luna, who's smirking at the road ahead. "... You have a driving license, right?"

  Her smile intensifies. "Bought one off the internet a couple years ago."

...Help me.

  Luna must have forgotten that a sharp and steep left on the road was approaching, because she suddenly turns the steering wheel a bit too late.

  The car makes a horrible sound, like nails down a chalkboard.

We're gonna die! This is it!

  Luna miraculously turns the car just enough to continue down the road alive.


Pure anger sweeps over me. "Why'd you do that, you-"

"Just stay calm, Sunshine." She stares at the road ahead.

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