Chapter 18

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I wake up, teary-eyed. I can sense that she's still sleeping next to me in the bed.

What a blissful feeling.

Though I still am a little pissed at Luna for feeling my breast while 'asleep'.

I start to get out of bed, but Luna's warm arm slinks around my waist and drags me to her.

"Mmm... don't leave." She mumbles into the covers.

"Are you awake?" I look back at her.

Her eyes are peacefully closed. "Half..."

I turn, and our foreheads are touching. The covers are pulled over me, and I'm engulfed in warmth.

"Sunshine..." She burrows her face into the crook of my neck.

I drift back to sleep this way, entangled in her more than the covers.


I open my eyes again, yawning.

Luna is standing in front of me, wearing a crimson red T-Shirt. I snuggle into the covers and admire how sexily her outfit brings out her colors.

She clears her throat. "Your mother... wanted to speak with you down at the lobby. In private."

"My mother?"

"Ms. Montague." She avoids my gaze.

Oh, her.

"Alright." I pause, before having a fun idea.

"...Hey Moonshine, could you pick out an outfit for me to wear today?"

She shrugs, seeming bored. "Alright."

She saunters back into her closet and I hear lots of rummaging.

Then a gasp.

Then a burst of laughter.

Soon, Luna steps out with a thin, blue dress, her eyes shimmering.

"I've finally found it! It was in the back of my closet the whole time— thank goodness!" She gleefully laughs.

"What is... ?"

"Oh— " She looks at me, withdrawn. Her smile has vanished. "...This thing is my only, yet favorite dress. I snuck it from my mom as a kid, and I... secretly wore it when my spirits were down."

Luna looks at the dress happily, then at me. She pauses, and bites her lip.

"...If you wear this, you have to be very careful."

"No, it's okay—"

"Wear it, you'd look cute in it. It looks cute on every girl, including me." She does a twirl while hugging it tight to her chest.

"I bet it does." I smile as I gaze at her happy self.

She scowls at me again. Strange.

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