Chapter 24

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(A/N: Back to Summer's POV!)

I lean out the window while the wind hits my face.

I notice Candy gazing at me, lips over-glossed and upturned in a smile.

"Shouldn't your eyes be on the road?" I chuckle as I turn back to face the cool wind.

"They are..." she focuses on the road, though eyes flicker back to me after a little while.

I raise an eyebrow skeptically.

"Okay, okay." She doesn't glance back at me this time.

Shittake, I'm staring again.

I'm not staring at this girl because she's attractive.  It's because of a spirit I've noticed around her. Even if she's doing nothing, it's easy to watch her without boredom.

She's been a pretty good driver so far. A lot better than... Luna. 

Thinking of her makes my chest hurt. I really hope she's okay.

If her batshit crazy father has done anything to her, I swear to God...

Someone has to have the upper hand on Mr. Roselyn him, right?

When I find them, whoever that may be... I will make sure that Mr. Roselyn gets serious help.

We sit in blissful silence for a few minutes. Candy then informs me, "We're gonna take a small detour, ok?"

"Alright..." I hesitantly agree. I need to get to Luna as fast as possible, but a small detour won't matter much, right?


"A small detour? We're about to cross the effing Golden Gate Bridge!"

"Come on, have you ever been before?" She nudges my shoulder.

"No, but I told you, there's somewhere I need to be."

She rolls her eyes. "You're riding with me for free, hon. I'm not your goddamn taxi."

"True." I remain silent.

"Well, we're already here, so." she winks and then drives forward into the traffic.


We're actually crossing the Golden Gate Bridge!

I admit, this view is kinda scenic. It reminds me of the opening to that shitty movie 'La-La-Land', though it wasn't even filmed here.

"Hey Summer, did you know that they just started building a suicide barrier for this bridge?"

"Really? How are they doing that?" I ask.

"They're building platforms to support a camouflaged net that's gonna hang under the bridge. I think it's a cool idea."

The sun is just beginning to set, that Golden Gate light alighting her colorful bob with a warm tint. She begins to hum and I rest my head on the car door.

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