Chapter 15

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(A/N: So, the above video is the song '20 Something' by SZA . I put it there so you can listen while reading if you want.)

The arm grabbing mine belonged to an unfamiliar, slender man, hair tousled over his head.

His expression is calming as his eyes light up with satisfaction.

"So it is you. Back to the office!"

With an angelic smile, he twists my arm back and starts walking, forcing me to walk along with him.

"I was..."

I trail off, sigh, and keep walking through the dense crowd.

Looking at his face, he kinda resembles... Zayn Malik.

Wait- it's the dude I saw in the mall a few days ago!

I gasp, startling him. "I've seen you before!" Some people turn their heads to glance at us.

He stares at me, confused. "Just keep walking."

"No, I have. In the mall before, with Enrico..." I raise an eyebrow suggestively. "Do you know him?"

He pauses, then weakly smiles, his eyes sparkling.

"Yes, I do. In fact, he was the one that sent me to get you."

He was?

"When you went by in the mall, Enrico couldn't keep his eyes off you. They kept flickering back... to you."

I saw his ears turn red. Haha, got him.

I should try that on Luna, I think as we clear the crowd and approach the office.

I shamefully lower my head as the lobby doors slide open.

Enrico is waiting right there, and he looks utterly pissed.

"Ms. Montague!" He shouts angrily.

I could feel the anger seeping out of him.

The other guy releases the grip on my arm hesitantly, as if I were to attack Enrico. I've done it before, but...

"I'm sorry, Enrico..." I lie.

"I almost lost my job, you know."


"You've done nothing for us but cause trouble since you've arrived!"

"N-Not like I want to be here." I spit out the last of my defensiveness. What kind of comeback was that?

"No one even wants you to be here." He glares at me with rejection, hand on his hip.


"Not even Luna."

...Not even Luna?

Oh. My heart feels... hollow.

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