Chapter 13

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(A/N Prepare yourselves, mwahaha.)

  I jump onto the large bed and throw the covers over me. They carry the scent of... Luna.

  After meeting Luna, vanilla will never be the same to me.

In fact, I don't think anything will be the same to me.

I'm starting to get used to staying here, borrowing Luna's clothes. Then again, I do have to adjust without Ms. Janitor here. That is, Anna Montague.

I wonder what she's doing right now. Did the man catch up to her and... I shiver at the vision of the janitor's thin frame on the concrete, dirtied by her own blood.

Luna sits down next to the big lump under the covers and pats its head, ruffling my hair. I don't know why she decided to pat my head, but I enjoy it and nuzzle my head into the side of her hip through the sheets.

She laughs. This laugh was different than the ones I've heard from her. It carried out a strong undercurrent of something.

Suddenly, she lifts the sheets up from on top of me. Her eyes meet mine.

They seem deeper and darker than before in this dim lighting.

I can feel my heart racing as I realize Luna's warm hand is placed on my shoulder, gently pushing my head into the pillow.

She's... on top of me.

Her leg brushes against mine, causing my breath to slow.

  My arms wrap around Luna and I giggle. Her warmth seeps into me.

Luna pauses in my arms. Then, I can feel her hands slowly lift the silky sheets up, so they're covering both of us.

Her long fingers gently tilt my head upward.

I can see and feel her back arch, making me bite my lip. An ache is growing inside me, an ache of lust.

I then notice than her breath is fanning my jawline. I gaze at her rosy lips, the ache in me becoming painful.

Her hot forehead is pressed on mine. Her soft hair corners my vision.

Then, Luna rests beside me and falls silent, her eyes closed and her breathing ragged.

Wait... I press my hand to her forehead again.

She has a fever, and a pretty high one at that.


Luckily, I think this can be treated with some medicine and rest.

"I'll... be right back, okay Luna?"

She did not respond.

I enter the bathroom and open the top cabinet. I'm guessing that's where it is, at least.

I take everything out of the cabinet. All the tubes, boxes, everything.

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