Chapter 9

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~Picture Above: Summer~

Mr. Roselyn's expression is lit with amounting fury.

He cuts the announcer short as he briskly walks onto the stage.

Luna sees her father there and panic spreads across her face.

The announcer crosses her arms. "Excuse me sir, but you need to-" 

"You will shut your mouth in two seconds or I'll close this mall down, bitch."

He flips out his business card and the announcer grows silent with the crowd.

He snatches the microphone. "Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, this event will resume shortly." Mr. Roselyn convincingly smiles.

He resumes walking and forcefully grabs Luna's wrist. "Let's go, son," he says, placing unneeded emphasis on the last word.

Luna is dragged away from the crowd by her father. I see Mr. Roselyn flip his phone open as they exit through the mall doors.

My stomach feels sick as I recall how many times this has happened with Ms. Montague and I.

Enrico grabs my attention. "We need to leave now." He looks serious.

I don't even bother to look at the scenery of the mall as we walk back to the sports car.

I realize Luna had given me her bubble tea when she went to go up on stage. I was holding mine in my left hand and hers in my right.

I'll give it to her later, if I can.

I get into the back of the little red sports car.

It now feels stuffy and hot like I thought it would.

However, the sky seems cloudier as we drive back to the dreaded building.

Minutes later, we arrive and Enrico walks behind me to the metal door.

"Stay here for a bit. Trust me, you'll want to."

"Stay here?"

Though I don't want to, I reluctantly follow his advice as we both stand outside the door. I hear shuffling from inside the building.


•Luna's POV•

(A/N: just this time cause I don't like switching POVs)

"You're a male, got that?!" His voice grows louder. I feel fire spread through my neck as he digs his nails into it.

He squeezes my throat tighter as I struggle for air.

"One more screw up and both you and your wife are gonna get sacked. Personally." He growls through his teeth.

My father lets go of me. His fists are still clenched.

"I don't want to see your face tonight. Stay in your room, ok?"


"What do you want?"

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