Chapter 23

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(A/N: This chapter is from Luna's perspective!!! )

Luna's POV

Father's eyes flame with anger.

I can tell mine shine with tears.

"Forcing your daughter to dress up as a male is dysfunctional enough, isn't it?!"

He seethes, "There's a loaded gun two feet away from me. Don't play."

I feel a tear spill out of my left eye.

"G-Go ahead. Shoot your own daughter. It'll prove my point." I raise my hands above my head, adrenaline skyrocketing.

"You're my son!"

"Making me your son now won't bring her back to you. You're too late."

"That's it!" he screams and scrambles to open the cabinet beneath him.

Realizing the object inside, I open the office door and begin to bolt away.



The elevator closes in the nick of time. Get me outta here! I press 'Level Two'.

That's the floor where my alternative room is. Only German Lady and I know of this room.
This room is where I go when my father and I fight.

I arrive on Level Two. I should walk quickly with my head down low, so I attract the least attention as possible.

Dinner is being served right now, so the public folk are scarce in the hallway. I'm lucky this level doesn't have cameras surveilling the hallways (though it should).

I open the 'closet' door and shut it behind me. I enter the code into the keypad and everything locks.

Ah, this feels so much better. The room smells so familiar.

So familiar, yet so... lonely.

T-That's just because I've gotten used to Summer hanging around all the time. I need to toughen up.

I'm so lame right now, I think while I flip onto my back and slip my shirt off. Ugh, crew necks.

I hate clothes. They come with roles and assumptions attached, you know?

I sit up for a second to strip my binder off, sighing in pleasure.

Now I'm topless, and I feel euphoric. Those pitiful self-harm scars on my breasts are fading. Finally! I sense a smile making its way up my face.

My hands caress my breasts and move down, gripping my waist. God, I love to be pulled from the waist.

Something causes her to pop up in my mind.

Summer... is sexy, I have to admit.

Not just her body. Her face lights up to certain responses. Faint freckles accent her warm skin tone.
Soft, strawberry-scented locks frame her face in small waves.
Upfront, amber eyes.

I miss her.

Even though she's hoeing around with her stupid, stank, bitch-ass ex, I still miss her.

Her and her baby hands.

Honestly, I'm surprised the engagement ring fit, but I haven't said anything. Something tells me she's not conscious of them yet, so it's better to lay off for now.

...If she does come back, I'll guess tell her that I'm wrong. I'll work it in somewhere.

  Even though she doesn't know the real reason she's supposed to be back here.

  Father wants her to sign an updated contract that will legally bind her to us forever.

In my opinion, he relies on his gun too much.

He held a gun to my head while I made the phone call. I could barely hold the phone properly.

The moments I heard her voice from the other side of the phone, I had to hold back so many words.

I cried during that phone call, too.

I'm turning into such a crybaby for this bitch. I laugh as a tear threatens to roll down my cheek.
Again— ?!?!

Holy shit, what was that?!

There was a huge bang outside of my room.

My ears ring as I scramble to sit up. Dang—

Wait a second... I recognize that sound.

A gunshot.


You wanted an update, so there you go! It was really short and poorly made, sorry💕.The next chapter's coming soon. If you're about to read it, please don't hate me!!
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