Chapter 14

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  ~Picture above: 'Thursday's' (cafe)~
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Luna's POV

I feel... dizzy, and excessively warm.

My head's spinning...

I fall onto the covers.



I hear Summer's soothing voice call out for me.

I mumble back, but I can't recall what.

Then she responds, and I reply, yet it all sounds fuzzy to me. I just let my intuition do the talking.

I try to grasp onto the words coming out of my mouth, but fail.

Everything looks like a horrible blur when I open my eyes, so I keep my eyes shut.

What's going on? I have no idea.

Then, I hear a pause in the jumbled sounds.

I hear her nails tap the side of a cup. That cold water from yesterday?

I attempt to open my eyes again, but things look even blurrier than last time.

Suddenly, I feel a warmth on my lips.

A mix of hot and cold in my mouth.

Her warm fragrance.

Our hands intertwining.

A weight on the bedsheets.

The sound of sunshine.

....What is this?

End Of Luna's POV

I'm roughly awakened by a hard tug on my fingers. Luna's awake.

I look at her while lifting my face off the covers. She looks confused. Her eyes show conflict.


Her hand slides out of mine.

"What... what happened while I had a fever?"

Oh my god.

I almost forgot myself.

She looks kinda pissed, too. However, she doesn't seem to remember what happened.

I avert my gaze.

"What exactly?" I quietly ask, though I know exactly what.

"Did you do something to me while I had a fever?"


Dang it, I don't wanna lie to her.

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