Chapter 5

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~Picture Above: Summer~

I squeeze into the crowded elevator just before it closes. I'm going to figure out what Enrico specifically meant by the need for a 'winter wardrobe' before he scurried off.

To the left of me, there is an elderly mother and her small child, holding hands.

It must be nice to have a mother who holds your hand.

Suddenly, the little girl poked my side. She then blurts, "So, is it true that you're a really really rich person now?" I find it cute that she pronounces her r 's like w 's.

Her mother firmly pulls her aside and softly scolds, "I told you not to ask the young lady."

Looking straight ahead, I reply, "Not yet," with a small grin.

The mother looks quite surprised by my nonchalant reply. She smiles slightly and draws the child to her knees.

As soon as the doors open, everyone else floods out of the elevator. Level two, is it?

Now alone, I agonize over the knowledge that I haven't been called in by my mother yet. I remember that she wanted a word with me last time. I groan.

She will probably hit me again.

Bing. The doors open on level five. As soon as I step out of the elevator, I feel a rush of very...


...cold air.

I immediately understand what Enrico meant. There's something wrong with the A/C.

It must be on this floor as well, because level two felt like the normal room temperature. As I walk down the hallway, it gets even colder. I wrap my hands around my arms to avoid shivering.

The janitor from this morning walks towards me with indifference, rolling her cleaning supplies behind her.

I ask her, "Has anyone found a way to fix this... air situation?" I mentally facepalm myself. I am so bad at explaining things.

She continues to walk past me, saying, "As of tonight, they can either keep it like this, or turn off A/C for the whole building in early September. What do you think they'll do, hmm?"

I think her loaded mouth is what's gotten her into working this minimum-wage job.

Opening the doors leading to our place (internally groans), I find that this room seems to be the coldest on this floor.

Furthermore, I have no clothes here at all, much less any winter clothing.

Then I walk through the bathroom and into the roomy yet freezing bedroom. I spot something I didn't last night: a small white door near the bed. Is that the closet?

Curiously, I walk over to it. Is that her closet?

I open the little door and sure enough, it is a closet. A mix of crisp suits and nice, plain clothing are hung up inside. Are these Luna's clothes? A red and black plaid shirt catches my eye. Luna would look hot in that, I thought. Girls and plaid? Wow, I really am not as straight as I thought I was. Then again, feminine guys can be hot, too. Am I pansexual or just easy?

Then I realized.

The whole room smells like her.


Before I can breathe it all in, the coldness snaps at me again. I can't take this anymore. Searching for something warm, I see a large gray hoodie hanging up in the back of the closet.

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