Chapter 12

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~Pic Above: Summer~

  Alex reaches into a brown cabinet and brings out a long piece of measuring tape. Then, she notices Luna is standing there next to me with her arms crossed.

My ex girlfriend squints her defined eyes. "You're here because..."

Luna tilts her face upward. "Oh, I'm not allowed to?"

"It would be preferred. You wouldn't want to see her undressed right before the wedding, would you?" She suddenly smiles convincingly, as if she were an angel. I forgot Alex could pull that face off.

  Luna laughs, and I can tell she's thinking she would. Oh god. Then, she looks at me warily. I smile. It would be better if there wasn't as much tension in this stuffed room.

Luna nods her head. "... Alright then."

  Before she leaves, she plants a quick kiss on my cheek with her soft lips. A warm tingle flows through me as my cheeks show a hint of pink.

Alex just observes me with amusement.

"If you need anything, I'll be right outside the door..." she comments, eyeing Alex.

  She slips outside into the main store area, but keeps the room's door a slight crack open. Probably so she can hear us.

  Alex straightens out the long piece of measuring tape and flashes me a slight grin. "Now, take off your shirt Summer." She lowly tells me.

I awkwardly strip myself of my shirt. I can feel Alex staring at me, sending a chill up my back.

  She walks behind me and places the measuring tape on the small of my waist. Her hands wrap it around me and then tighten it. I breathe in uncomfortably.

  One cold hand moves up my waist a bit. I make a displeased, helpless sound before she leans over to my ear and lowly whispers.

"You wouldn't want your fiancé to hear, would you Summer?"

I frown in frustration. She knows I don't like to cause conflict. Then again, I will if needed.

"After all..." she whispers, "I see your fiancé simply as a fiancée with short hair. Isn't that... queer?" She laughs.

My eyes widen and she grins. Dang it, lesbians can detect other lesbians faster than blinking.

She moves her pointer finger just below my breast and presses lightly. I whimper before cutting it short.

I take my hand and try to drag hers off. Instead, she uses that to her advantage and runs her fingers down my waist.

I start to say something but she tightens the measuring tape further, shutting me up.

"24 inch waist... damn." She mutters before writing something on a clipboard.

The measuring of my hips surprisingly is done in silence, though her hands linger on my body a bit longer than comfortable.

Knowing Alex, she's actually doing this just to tease me, and unfortunately, it's working.

Okay. The hips are done. One more measurement to go.


"Your bust has increased, hasn't it?" She whispers into my other ear as she checks the number on the measuring tape again.

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