Chapter 8

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~Picture Above: Aaliyah Mall~

We sat in silence for the rest of the trip. Luna had fallen asleep on the way there, and knowing her habit, I was paranoid that she would start stripping off her clothes right there in the car.

Now, Enrico is pulling into the large and crowded parking lot. I look out the window and see we are going to the mall.

What do 'daily tasks' have to do with the mall?

We park in a sunny spot close to the mall's main entrance. 

Even though I know the inside of this car will feel stuffy later, I can't deny that I love warm, sunny places.
(A/N: I named you Summer for a reason.)

As we get out of the car and are walking past rows of cars towards the mall entrance, I feel quite awkward, as I've only been to a mall once. Additionally, it wasn't a huge mall like this.

"To Aaliyah Mall we go," Luna told me with a playful smile on her face.

"To Aaliyah Mall we go..." I repeat back to her quietly.

As we open the doors, a strong wave of cold air hits us. It reminds me of the first time I had went into the Roselyn Office building.

I look around, and...


(Didn't I say that in the Roselyn Office building too?)

There's a certain wave of ambience in this mall. I hear the distant sound of a fountain, hidden from view.

Green plants and vivid flowers are placed in various places as decoration, contrasting the blue interior. People are packed closely together, talking eagerly. Shopping bags are seen in nearly everyone's hands.

Far way, I can see a slanted glass elevator, taking people between the first and second story. Some visible portions of the mall were tinted a deep yellow instead of blue. I smelled a small trace of fresh food in the air.

Who knew a futuristic paradise was free and only eight miles away?

  I started to explore the mall in a hazy view, while I hear Luna muttering harshly. Something about 'arrangement choices not suiting the color scheme',
whatever the hell she's talking about.

Enrico seemed unimpressed but not annoyed in any way. He seemed to know exactly where we were supposed to go, and walked in a businesslike manner. His eyes remained forward and on no one else.

That is, until some hot dude started to walk in our direction.

He also had an informal suit on. In my opinion, he looked a bit like Zayn Malik.

I looked over at Enrico because his pace had slowed slightly, and it seems he's eye raping this dude. His eyes try to remain off his figure, but they helplessly flicker back to him in a lustful way.

My smirk at Enrico, which spread from one ear to another, caught both Enrico's and Luna's attention.

Luna just gave me a clueless stare (which was adorable, just to say).

Enrico got what I was smirking about and
cursed lowly, one hand on his temples.

Sorry Enrico. I am installed with the newest, updated Gaydar. Sucks for you.

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