Chapter 20

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(Picture above: Duh....)

Alex opens the door to the black limo, allowing me to step inside.

"The device?" Ms. Montague asks, from the seat next to me. I hand it to her hastily. Holding it made the guilt outwardly present.

Alex slams the door shut. The sudden sound of triggers a memory.

I shakily got out of the little red car, glaring at Luna as I slammed the door shut. She was laughing. "Cool wheelie, right?"

Though my stay there was only a week or two, that seemed full of nostalgia.

Coming down for breakfast and smiling when I spotted her at the table.

Nights I slept right next to her, hoping that the given would never change.

Anyway, these memories had the ability to make me laugh, or maybe cringe.

But only now,

these memories alone

make me cry.


I quickly wipe the tear off my hand. Are we here already?

"Move quickly, will you?" Ms. Montague mutters to me, and then gets herself out of the limo.

Her eyes flicker around with paranoia.

With Alex trailing behind me, I get out of the limo.

That's when I realize.

We're at an airport.

Oh no. Hell no.

"Come on," Alex insists, sliding her hand into mine and pulling me through the airport doors.

Cold sweat washes over me. If I leave, there's a chance I'll never come into contact with Luna. Ever again.

The thought made the busy airport spin in front of my eyes, and only her hand kept me from crashing onto the airport floor.

Ms. Montague hastily took out the airplane tickets and ran to the shortest check-in line.

Kind of absurd, I've never seen her run before.

To the far left of the checkout, a bunch of vivid, orange flowers hang, catching my gaze.

I bet that Luna could've arranged it five times better.

"What are you thinking about?" Alex asks suspiciously.

"Oh, just wondering... flowers... Lu—" I halted mid-sentence, eyes wide.

Alex's hand slid out of mine and gripped my waist. I looked at her white knuckles, then her turned head.

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