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A Princess in Disguise (slow updates)  by kelly116
A Princess in Disguise (slow updat...by kelly116
Princess Arabella Covington isn't your average princess. In fact she's the exact opposite. They wear ball gowns. She despises them and prefers jeans. Now onto the real...
A Minor Technicality [Completed] *Slowly Editing* by Kaleigh_James
A Minor Technicality [Completed] *...by Kaleigh James <3
Blythe Conners was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was just a small town girl who had been taken by the shiny lights of New York City. She never exp...
Nerd in Disguise (Psycho Series Book One) by MysteryWriter61
Nerd in Disguise (Psycho Series Bo...by MysteryWriter61
Highest Rank in Teen Fiction: 62 Alexandria is known as a quiet, shy girl who is always seen carrying a book around. Her face is always hidden by a hoodie and no one kno...
The fake nerd | J.Jk by parktrashy
The fake nerd | J.Jkby ༉‧₊ 𝐈𝐂𝐘 ˚✧
"Did everyone really think i was a poor nerd? Im not that rich kid who shows of their money." ---------- "Look im sorry, will you be my girlfriend?" ...
Double Identity by GreysonDrew
Double Identityby Greyson Drew
“That was marvelous!” He said. “Great job, Frank. Or, should I say, Franchesca?” I took a deep breath. A very, very deep breath. “Oh my God,” Was the most intelligent th...
A Dude like her✔️ by floatsus
A Dude like her✔️by Georgina
"Whoa, Sawyer, your fucking pants are red, man." The color drained from my face and I tried to recall the last time I had my period. "Dude, are you bleed...
The Disguised Billionaire by EnjoyLiveLove
The Disguised Billionaireby Lu
When your parents tell you that you have to move halfway across the world for reasons they can't seem to tell you about, what will you do? Protest and list off the reaso...
Frostborn by LightenTheShadows
Frostbornby Lia Álvarez
MAGIC BRINGS POWER AND POWER BREEDS WAR. There hasn't been magic in the Five Nations since The Last War, but something dangerous is brewing and the Grand Duchess can't...
His Emotionless Wife by knight_in_skirts
His Emotionless Wifeby Gabrielle
She was an assasin an agent, or a puppet perhaps. She don't know what is emotions, she's like a robot that follow orders.. They said that she lived to kill. But she was...
Noble Academy by PureDragonWolf
Noble Academyby PureDragonWolf
Credits: 'MsChallenjour' for the amazing yet beautiful book cover and 'Daring2BeMe' for trying to edit the first few chapters of the book. Also, the tons of readers read...
Girl In Disguise | Kim Taehyung FF by Her_Singularity
Girl In Disguise | Kim Taehyung FFby Her_singularity
[Completed] Summary: You tranfer in an all-boys schools in order to keep an eye on your boyfriend which you have a feeling that he may be cheating on you.Althrough in or...
As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
The Crown Prince is Actually a Princess! SEASON 2 by alechan88
The Crown Prince is Actually a Pri...by alessia tatsu
I reached the limit of 200 parts for a book in Wattpad and was unable to publish in the same book so I made a new book! It's the continuation of the previous one, from C...
Oh My Genie | ✓ by chaoticminds-
Oh My Genie | ✓by m.k.t
When a wish goes wrong, Arden and the school outcast, Asa, must travel back in time to get her parents to fall in love again before she disappears. *** Arden Rai-Mitche...
Namikaze Naruto- The Unpredictable Shinobi by NamikazeNaruto20
Namikaze Naruto- The Unpredictable...by NamikazeNaruto20
Naruto learns many of his secrets at quite a young age. He puts on masks and disguises to save his skin. Yet he yearns for peace and stability, and does anything possibl...
Secret Agent by tanushree_15
Secret Agentby Tanu@15
Jiya as an Agent ! Read to know how Jiya plays double role of Agent and Wife without getting known by her husband ! Join Jiyaras in this adventure full of Mystery, Thri...
FELINE SECRET //Jenlisa FanFic by EyezDontLie
FELINE SECRET //Jenlisa FanFicby 𝐽𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑦𝑁𝑖𝑛𝑖🧸
Jennie Kim is known to be the cold, intimidating ice queen of the school campus. She is rather an introvert, hates human contact, and doesn't like anything to ever meddl...
♥︎ Unexpected Love♥︎ Jikook♡Taejin♡Sope by Fadghhkkh
♥︎ Unexpected Love♥︎ Jikook♡Taejin...by Freya
Jimin is definitely in deep shit disguising as a girl, pretending to be his sister, befriending the queen bee and and make her fall in love with him was his plan... attr...
The Real Blair Justice by prettierflowers
The Real Blair Justiceby prettierflowers
Since the day she was born, Blair had only known one home, the IIO. Nothing much could be said about the work the agency did, besides having a large workforce of anonymo...
Jacob by misto125
Jacobby Mistoffelees
Jacob- based on a real story By misto125, a.k.a Mistoffelees.