Chapter 42

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The comforting warmth of her lips on mine collides against the freezing sensation of the ice water surrounding us.

I pull away from her to expel the water from my lungs, coughing a fit as I arise to my senses.

A soft "Summer!" tumbles out of her mouth before she wraps herself around me and squeezes my body so tight. She holds me tenderly, however, as if I were... precious.

She gently brushes my wet hair out of my face, and I struggle to open my eyes, the chlorine stinging them.

"You idiot!"

I laugh, taking in the sight of her. The water trickling down her face and into her endearing crystal eyes. The curves of her soft lips, messy eyebrows, sparse freckles, and the hands that fit my waist perfectly. "What did I do, Luna?"

A smile of relief spreads across Luna's face, a sigh escaping her throat. "You blacked out on me, Sunshine! Again! I almost thought you'd drowned, and..."

She trails off, her sentence unfinished. I raise an eyebrow as a youthful, pink glow appears on her face.

"Sorry... you look beautiful tonight." As she catches her breath, sparks flicker in her eyes, subtly touching every place of my body, and where her eyes lay, it all tingles. She gently settles on my face, her cheeks a strawberry red. She leans in and adds timidly, "I'm not sure why... but your smile always leaves me breathless."

B-Breathless? I was smiling?

"As to you, o-of course." I pull a embarrassed smile and tighten my arms around her body, a fuzzy feeling spreading throughout my own. This feels nice, whatever it is.

She leans in teasingly, as if to kiss my lips, and I freeze in place, anticipating, hoping even. Time slows as my heart beats faster.

I can feel her breath fanning my lips, and suddenly I feel hot in the freezing water. I want her to kiss me...

Her hand falls over her mouth. "Fuck, the way you're looking at me right you want me to kiss you?"

Psh, what?! That's ridiculous. My breath hitches in my throat. Blushing, I reply, "Is that a problem?"

"I'm starting to recognize that look in your eyes." She lulls her pretty head to the side.

"...You know what you're gonna have to do for me, don't you?"

"W-What?" I grumble, as I already have the answer in my head.

She tilts my jaw upward and smiles devilishly.

"Beg me."

I crinkle my nose. B-Beg?

My chest pounds in my ears as I grow impatient. Longing for a kiss, I mumble, "One kiss, please."

She laughs as I cross my arms grumpily.

"I mean, that's cute, but it's not desperate enough."

"Please... k-kiss me?"

"I'm looking for more than that."

I grit my teeth. You lunar lesbian.

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