Chapter 52

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A/N: I know you may not remember what's going on, but please enjoy this simple chapter! 。゚(゚'ω'゚)゚。💗        -- Joy


Sloping, intricate walls arch over a softly lit stairway.

I gaze at Luna with stars in my eyes. Trying to distract her from the uncertainty of everything else. "Kiss me."

She looks down at my lips and inhales shakily, her gaze flickering down to my flowing lilac dress, and then up into the hazy, amber windows of my soul.

"God, I love you."

I gaze at her, too. Her tousled, raven black hair falling just above her striking eyes. There are so many colors between us.

My hand slides down to her chest and I can feel her heartbeat pounding against mine.

"So... this is the place?" I sigh breathlessly, my hand clutching the hem of her cardigan.

Luna casts a smile upon me, her face stained with love. "It matches your wedding dress."

"Are you sure this isn't too... extravagant?"

"No, of course not." She tucks my hair behind my ear and smiles cryptically.

"Anything for you."


"Ahlubou", Goldie says as she lovingly pats my head.

"What are you saying?" I gaze up into her wide, wondrous eyes.

"Ahlubouuu!" Goldie repeats, attempting to wrap her tubby arms around my head.

"You're going to be our flower girl."

The baby stops and opens her mouth in a small smile.

"Yes, you." I tease her, swooping her up off of the ground as she giggles and flails her hands.

It's become so much easier to handle a fun-sized devil after a month of caring for her in our apartment.

  I can now identify every sharp corner and fragile item in our living space. I also know how to make baby food.

My least and most favorite event of the day is her bathtime. Goldie always manages to get baby soap in her eyes and then cries her tiny heart out until I rub her eyes with a special washcloth. But eventually she'll calm down, and then I'll massage her scalp with her special curly shampoo while she holds my hand.

She especially likes clinging onto my back while I'm sleeping, and I'll have to suppress the urge to roll over all night.

Goldie is exhausting.

But I don't seem to mind.


  Luna removes the dark outer garment of her suit, throwing it onto the chair. The muscles of her neck strain as she loosens her collar, her slender fingers deftly unfastening her tie.

She scowls at the sight of the living area, running her hand through her unusually controlled hair. "It's such a mess in here..."

"It's hard to take care of a child, y'know," I retort bitterly.

"Seems like it," Luna mumbles quite apathetically, her eyes flitting around the room.

"What's gotten you in a bad mood?"

We're interrupted by the door as it slams into the wall, hinges rattling and startling me off of my chair.

"I have great news!" Our friend Ken announces, wagging a finger in the air.

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