Chapter 21

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(Above Picture: Anime version of Summer :)

"Wake up. We've landed," Alex grumbles.

I stretch out my arms. The flight wasn't as bad as I'd thought, after all.

I hear people clapping as the pilot announces we've landed. Plane clappers are despicable. They're also the deranged twat who secretly changes your pizza order to Hawaiian.


The airport seems to be frozen from the inside or something. I shiver, rubbing my arms.

I look around quizzically. "Where are we?"

Ms. Montague looks at me, appalled. "Idaho."


"Why are we in Idaho?"

"Because no one thinks of Idaho. Most forget about it. They might not find us here."

"Shouldn't you have chosen somewhere farther away?"

"San Fransisco to Idaho is far enough, you idiot. hurry up." Ms. Montague rolls her eyes and quickens her pace.

So we were in San Fransisco before.

That explains a lot, actually.

Alex follows behind me as we enter security. If something goes wrong, I'm sure we can just bribe them over with some golden-fried potatoes.

I slip my shoes off and walk through the metal detector. It doesn't go off.

Even better, I haven't spotted any signs of the janitor here.

Yet, anyway.

Alex unlocks her phone and giggles.

"Why are you laughing?" I ask with narrowed eyes.

"Nothing, nothing." She glances in the other direction and her eyes widen.

"Fries! I gotta get some, man." I watch, amused as she tries to hold back her drool.

Of course she does. I mean, I would too, but my current situation hasn't bode with my appetite.

I look at the fries of another customer happily walking past me, and then shake my head. "Your hands will get all greasy, Alex."

"Then hold my phone! I'll be back!" She throws her phone at me and I actually catch it. Way to go, me.

That's when I realize--

Her phone's still unlocked.

Now I'm going to see what she's been doing this whole time. I double press the home button, and only one app is opened.


I go to Messaging and see 'Lesbian Lunar' at the top of her contacts. Even I couldn't stifle my laughter there.

I tap her name and dozens of messages pop up on screen.

"Hey u with her now?"

"We were engaged first"

"She doesn't like u"

"Don't leave me on read"

"Let me talk to Summer"

This was two hours ago. I sigh heavily.

Suddenly, an incoming call appears on the screen.

'Lesbian Lunar'

I hit 'Accept' and hold the phone to my ear.

I raise my voice above the surrounding noise. "Hey. It's me, Summer."

"Sunshine?! Look, I—" I hear her break into a sob.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

I hear a silence on the other end, followed by tiny sobs.

Another pause.

"My father is p-planning... to kill me."

My grip on the phone falters.

"Are y-you serious?"

"Of course," she hisses.

"... I'm calling the police."

"I've tried. Don't call the police. You or your... your girlfriend." Her voice bitters.

I sigh into the phone. I don't have the time to explain. "Look, what should I do?"

"If you can get here by tomorrow morning,
I- I think things can work out—"

Tomorrow morning?!

Fat chance.

"Tell me... why. Why do I need to be there?"

"You're the reason he's upset," she sobs.

"Sunshine, if you come back...

                  ...we could be happy again."

A small tear slides down my cheek.

That was something I needed to hear.

Luna lets out a short shriek.

'Call ended'.

I'll find a way back to her.

I'll find a way.

Taking Alex's phone case off, I grasp the money inside. About twenty-five dollars.

I erase the call log, set the phone on the table, and bolt away from the food court.

As fast as my legs could run.


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