Chapter 27

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(Photo above: Luna (ω)~☆)

The janitor notices Mr. Roselyn, his knees buckled in pain.

She fake pouts. "Did that woman hurt you, babe?"

"I just wasn't ready for it," he responds with a low laugh.

These two are suddenly flirting like high school sweethearts?

She just killed my mother.

He just shot his daughter.

"FUCK YOU!" I yell. To Mr. Roselyn and anyone else.

Everyone stops, another bout of silence settling on the roof.

Mr. Roselyn lowers his eyebrows.

I raise my middle finger high in the air.

"You heard that right, you bag of shit... FUCK YOU!"

Anger builds back up on his face, embarrassment evident.

Tears brim my eyes as I can out stop myself. My body shakes with anger. "You deserve to FUCKING DIE."

The janitor pulls out a pistol at me. "Summer, you better shut the fuck up right now or I'm taking care of you too."

Luna steps in front of me, clearing her throat. "So are you guys, um, together? That's a thing."

I whip around at Luna and seethe, "That includes you."

Hurt fills her eyes, but her stance doesn't budge. She looks into my eyes and whispers, "I would never say that to you."

The tears spill over my eyes. "...I'm sorry." My voice is breathless.

Alex, still lying on the ground, coughs. I snap out of it.

The janitor conceals her pistol, motions for us to follow and steps inside. "Let's get outta here."

She killed my mother.

She fucking killed my mother.

Fury pulses through me and my fists tighten into white little balls, so hard my nails cut into my skin and draw blood.
I bite my lip, my face contorting into a sad mess as tears threaten to spill over my eyes, trying not to cry over the woman who abused me for years.

Luna goes to pull my arm, but then decides against it. Her voice gentle. "Let's go, Sunshine."

Mr. Roselyn goes in next, followed by Luna. Alex trails behind her, and I wait to go last.

I look ahead at Mr. Roselyn. Why is he alive right now?

Before I exit the roof, I glance back at it and shoot it a double bird.

I accidentally shut the latch door behind me. That's karma for you.

Now it's too dark for me to see properly, as it must be with the others.

"Stop putting your hands on my shoe, Alex." I hear Luna complain in front of me.

"Stop putting your ass in my face, Luna."

Hey Alex, wanna trade—

To hell with you, Pervert Pan! Don't return.

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