Chapter 30

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I stretch underneath the warm covers, yawning. Where did Luna go?

Snuggled in a warm spot, I sigh contently. That is, before they're pried from my arms by a heartless lesbian.

I groan and squeeze my eyes shut. "Luna..."

"That raspy morning voice sounds good on you," she comments, nonchalant.

"Mmn." I remark, face buried in the pillow.

She continues talking, but I'm too sleepy to pay attention to all of it.

Luna tugs on my arm until I get out of bed, still sleepy.

She pulls me close to her, and I fall onto her soft chest happily. She smells like aftershave.

Luna laughs softly. "I shaved my legs..."

"Mm, sexy." I reply, half asleep.

"You're getting drool on my shirt!" She smudges it dry as I fall onto the floor, clinging to her warmth.

She sighs. "Get dressed. Nicely."

She slips past me and takes a Prussian blue shirt off its hanger.
She then passes me a pair of formal black pants.

"Lift your arms," she instructs me.

I comply, but my face heats up. Good thing slept in my bra again, but I need to stop doing that.

She pulls the shirt over my head and fits it onto me.
When she goes to untuck my hair out of my shirt, she pauses and frowns at me.

What's wrong?

"Your neck. It's cut."

Oh. I instinctively cup my hand over the cut. "Don't worry about it, it'll go away—"

"No, it'll get infected like this!"

She gets ointment from the bathroom and treats my cut.

Her hands are so soft... I can't help but let out a sigh of longing.

Her hand brushes the nape of my neck. "Give me a good luck kiss, Sunshine."

I bet she can feel me heat up with her words. "Y-You need good luck for what?"

Luna laughs tiredly. "A public interview wherein I represent a billionaire's company. Y'know, the one that starts in an hour."

I look at her, surprised and concerned. "Isn't Mr. Roselyn... absent? How are you going to explain that?"

"I've planned to claim that he simply needs time away from the public eye."

"Anyway, good luck—" I stop, blushing as I remember what she had asked of me.

I stand on my tiptoes and peck her forehead.

She clicks her tongue. "Isn't that a motherly kiss?"

I thought of her for a second, but I lean against the wall, unaffected.

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