Chapter 31

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~Picture Above: Summer~

Luna tilts her pretty head quizzically. "I don't have an ex-wife. I have an ex-fiancée.
Is that who you're referring to?"

Ohh. She means me.

So there is no other 'Ex-Wife'. Phew.

A heavy weight is lifted off my chest as I sigh with relief. I can't handle any more drama right now, to be honest.

The reporter straightens herself (I wish I could, but in a different way).

"Yes. What does your ex-fiancée think of who you are now?"

Luna looks directly at me, sending chills down my spine.

"I think she can tell you herself. Summer?"

The audience begins to applaud. Damn it, now I really have to go up there.

As she motions me onto the stage, adrenaline pulses through my body. What if I say something wrong?

The microphone is tilted towards me by Luna. I catch a spritz of perfume as she smiles at me and pats my shoulder.

"H-Hi, my name is S-Summer Montague."

My last name seems to hush the crowd.

"S-So, what do I think of Luna, huh?" I smile unconvincingly. "Well..."

I turn to look at her, the sparkle in her eyes matching the dress she wore. She gazes at me lovingly, as if she trusts me to say the right thing.

Confidence wells up in me. I beam at her.

"First off, can we just recognize how beautiful my former fiancée looks tonight?"


But then, a wave of applause gradually increases, until hollers and whistles sound from the crowd.

Mhm, that's better.

I straighten my posture.

"Back to the question. I have known that Luna was female since the first day I met her.  I have no problem with it at all, and neither should you."

The reporter inquires, "What is your current relationship with Ms. Roselyn?"

Shit. The one question I wasn't ready for.

I peer over at Luna. She's looking down, fidgeting with her hands, as if she's trying to hide something.

Not from the audience, but from me.

"W-We... are no longer engaged, but I love her, and I wouldn't stop for the world."

Luna looks up at me, slightly taken aback.

"Regardless of what you thought she was before, she's the sweetest and most empathetic as whom she really is," I continue.

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