Chapter 4

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~Picture above: Lucifer/Luna~

My eyes drift open. I feel the softness of the pillows in a daze. Somehow, vanilla still lingers on my skin. What happened yesterday?

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Was it even real?

I look around me and here I am, lying in the sunlit bed of the gorgeous suite-like room.

It. Was. Real.

But where is Lucifer? That's probably not his real name, coming to think about it. Or does he want to be a guy? My mind is fresh and has reset now, so I have a lot of questions.

Not bothering to check the time, I rustle back into the sheets. I don't want to deal with all this again today.

Suddenly, I hear the door loudly bang open, making me jump out of bed hurriedly.

I only realize my skirt has traveled all the way up my legs as I look face to face...

...with the janitor. Her light blonde hair is up in a bun. She looks weathered.

This woman looks very unamused at the sight of me. I quickly pull my skirt back down while blushing.

She stoically walks over to me and starts unbuttoning my blouse.

I jerk myself back. "Wait, what are you doing?" Is she my maid or something? I hope she isn't. Haven't spilled the spoiled milk yet.

She flatly replies, "Excuse me, Ms. Montague, but I am partly in charge of your health, appearance, and whatnot. Please get out of those wretched... clothes."


She steps forward to continue unbuttoning my blouse, and I retreat in turn and continue it myself. When I am finished doing so, I look at her to find she's bluntly studying my chest area. "That bra is completely wrong for your breasts. We need it tailored immediately."

"What? I love this bra. It's stylish." I murmured under my breath, "Unlike your clothing..."

She must have heard me because she replies, "It's not like Luna's going to see it anytime soon, you know."

"Luna?" I ask.

"Your fiancée." She looks at me like I asked her what my name is.

So that's her real name, I think to myself. I'll catch her by surprise and call her Luna later. I still wonder how she will act after the event last night. I also wonder why this janitor bitch knows Lucifer's real identity.

She pulls out a small notepad and writes something down. "Next. Turn around."

I hesitantly turn around. I squirm as I feel her eyes study me.

She seems to mentally measure my waist and when I turn around, she nods. "Nice, trim waist. Good girl."

Good girl? I really don't like this.

"Alright, clothes on. I guess you don't like me dressing you, so go ahead."

I look around. "All my stuff is in my mother's building. What should I do?"

"If those clothes are similar to the clothes you are wearing, they are not under any circumstances getting in this building, much less staying at your mother's. You're about to become a billionaire."

Correction: Ms. Montague is. That's probably why she wanted the marriage in the first place. Anger rises in my heart as I think about how she threw my life away for money.

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