Chapter Twenty Six

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Damian sat up, the pain he was feeling still quite apparent on his face. "I'm sorry." I say pouting almost as I didn't wanna feel bad. "Well, my balls hurt right now so..." He trails off, and I cross my arms. I felt that it wasn't fair for him to be so upset, after all he was the one laying on me. Plus I didn't mean to kick him in the balls, I was just trying to get him off me.

I get up, and Damian almost immediately reaches out for me; but I manage to avoid him. "H-hey, where you going?" He asks now lying on his stomach to reach for me. "It's late, and im tired. In getting my PJs on so I can go to sleep." "You don't need PJs." "You're right, I just want them." I say a bit more harsh then I mean to, nether the less I continue to my dresser. "Come on, I just wanna cuddle with you." "You can do that with clothes on."

I put on some underwear, and a t shirt. But, due to my sympathy for kicking him in the balls, I don't bother putting on pants. "Ugh....I liked it better with you naked." Damian groans as he presses his face into the bedding.

"I don't care." I say as I lay back down and cover up. "Fine." He says as he rolls over, and seemingly goes to sleep. After some time I roll over too, "Fine." I mutter to myself as I hold my pillow close to my face

I am almost to sleep when Damian roles over and hugs me. "Sorry." He says holding me from behind, which led me to being unable to refrain from smiling. "I am too, I shouldn't have kicked you like that." I say whispering a bit as I was still really tired and was dying to get some rest. "It's okay, I shouldn't have been picking on my girlfriend like that." Girlfriend...I wish it could work out like that.

Not wanting to hurt Damian's feelings, I just choose to stay quiet, and act like I went to sleep.

Before the ball

Today was nice me and Damian slept in pretty late though. It was noon when I finally manage to drag myself out of bed and down the stairs to make breakfast. A breakfast that I spent alone; due to Damian not wanting to get up. I didn't have anything to do, so I decided to sit downstairs, and watch something on tv.

I was flipping through channels, nothing interesting coming on. But then I heard footsteps behind me, along with a groan. And I knew then that Damian was awake. "You make breakfast?" "Yes. Yes I did, about an hour ago." Damian walks around the couch, and into my field of vision. Sitting down next to me, and putting his arm around my shoulder. I smile a bit, and just continue searching for a show I wanted to watch.

"Yeah sorry, I was tired." "We went to bed at the same time." I say laughing a bit, as I look over at Damian an eyebrow raised. "That's what you think. But in reality after you fell asleep, I stayed up for a bit longer. I watched you sleep for about half an hour, just thinking about how lucky I was to have you. Before I eventually cuddled up to you even more, and fell asleep as well." Damian said this so causally, and yet so sweetly.

I move my head and kiss his cheek, before going back to the tv. "Hey, I want a good kiss." He said grabbing my chin gently and moving my face to his before kissing me. I kissed back, but I couldn't ever not kiss back. His lips were thinner, but still so soft when pressed against mine.

I pull away slowly, and open my eyes. "You satisfied?" "Yes." He smiles and sits with his arm around me as we watch tv. "So, when are we gonna start getting ready?" "Soon." "I know you're gonna go with Jay to the dance, but don't kiss him."

"But Damian he is technically my date and-" "If he kisses you, fine. But you can't kiss him." I smile wearily, but I nod, the least I could do would be avoid kissing him. But I mean would it truly be fair of me to not kiss Jay. The whole reason im even considering Jay, is due to my affections towards him. If things go bad with this relationship, he's my....back up.

I'd never tell Damian about my feelings, how sometimes I wondered if this was a good thing. This relationship.

Would it be better to have loved, and been hurt, then to never have loved at all.

I didn't want to tell him, it was clear it could crush him if I told him. I do love him, but in the end it just can't happen, no matter how much we want it to. I care about my mom, and it would only hurt her. Or what if it's worse and she rejects us all together, disowning me.

"Abby, I love you." Damian's sweet words reached me as I was deep in thought, how ironic. I was a bit jealous of how he could be so happy, I was the one here worrying about the future.

I stroked his cheek, he gave me a confused but content look. I leaned and kissed him, sweeter than I ever had. Damian noticing this put a hand on the back of my neck, kissing me back just as passionately. "I love you too." I whisper, my lips forming a soft smile. His lips were enough for me, they were all I needed to forget about our problems.

I mean if his lips could make me this happy, I couldn't live without them anymore.

Thank you, Damian. Thank you, for taking away some of this worry.

I hugged him and I didn't want to let go, I didn't want this to end.

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