Chapter Nineteen

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The flood gates behind my eyes were breaking, and it hurt to hold in the tears.

Could it be possible that I was just some distraction from this girl he still likes, could he really have faked all the things he said. They felt so real but I guess, I never had someone tell me anything like that. I have nothing to compare it to.

What if it was all a lie?

With that thought my tears start pouring down my cheeks, I turn and quickly run into my room slamming the door. Then locking it leaning on the door, I hear Damian knocking on my door moments later. Probably realizing I was home, and possibly I had heard his conversation. “Abby?” “Go away if you know me at all, vyou know that know I heard you chat with your ex lover.” I shout through the door, before going over to my bed and burying my face into my pillow.

“If you're gonna listen in on someone's conversation. You better listen to the whole fucking convo before you make any fucking assumptions!” I can hear him unfairly getting upset with me.

Was I supposed to be okay with him talking to her?! “I heard enough!”

“No you didn’t or you wouldn’t be upset right now.”

I let out a sigh then get up, I figured I should hear his side of the story. I open the door glaring at where I figured he'd be, and there he was.

I slapped him across the face, no with full meaning to. But I didn’t feel very bad about it either. “Ow….okay I might of deserved that.” “Yeah you did, now talk. I guess I’ll hear you out.”

“Thank you. Now I was talking to my ex girlfriend, I will admit that BEFORE I met you. I was desperate to get her back and was still very in love with her.”

Again with the pins to my heart, his words were stabbing into my heart like a pin to a pin cushion.

“BUT after I met you beautiful I forgot about her, and became obsessed. With you. I didn’t say anything earlier because well….I didn’t want to be hurt. But then you were gonna choose Jay, and I couldn’t be hurt again. So I got drunk and spilled my feelings for you.” He said his face full of regret.

“I regret the alcohol though, but today when you were gone. I decided that I was gonna tell her that I was done with her, and gonna delete her contact. I did it so you didn’t get upset about it, like you did.”

I blush he knew I’d react like this, am I really that predictably childish.

“Why wouldn’t I have been upset? I was FINE, till you said something about her not trying enough to get you back. Like there was a possibility she could’ve.” I say speaking my mind to defend my own actions.

He frowned, “I said that, but that’s out of context, in my head I know what that means. I realized how desperate was with her before I met you. She thought that she could just say sorry, and ask me out again to get me back. And I was embarrassed that it would have worked.” he continued closing his eyes in shame.

“If I never met you, I would have been dragged back into her games. Just like that. I was so weak then, so pathetic. She assumed it would still work, I can only assume. That she knew when we were dating, that I was this pathetic.” He added dryly. "I wanted to be different with you."

I felt bad for getting so upset at him, it was obvious he already felt like shit about it.

Is this the real Damian. Not the confident, outspoken, sexy, and perverted Damian, but the introverted, unsure, cute, helpless, and self doubting Damian.

“Damian….I’m so sorry that I got upset with you. You were right I shouldn’t have just assumed such things about you.” I say as I hug him, he put his arms around me then pulled me closer to him. He squeezed me pulling my head into his chest. I could feel his breathing become unsteady and I realize he was crying.

“Damian?” I say trying to pull away, but he held me tighter.

“Please don’t look at me, okay?”

“Damian…” I say understandingly, hugging him tighter rubbing his back. “I love you Damian.” He pulled away and I felt his sad eyes staring deep into mine. Melting my heart again.


Damian’s thoughts at this time

I love you Damian.

Why did she have to go and say something like that? I was able to restrain myself, she’s to understanding, to beautiful.

She’s nothing like that slut that I fell for, I haven't thought twice about her since I laid my eyes on Abby she was… perfect.

How can you love a sad sap like me? Even now I’m crying. Please don’t see how weak I really am.

Why does she love a loser like me? I can’t believe that I got so lucky with her. I need her right now I am craving her body.

“Abby.” Do you know what you’ve just unleashed?

Back to Abby’s POV

Damian put his hand on the back of my neck, and pulled me to kiss him.

The fireworks going off in my heart right now, could light the night sky. I wanted to be fair to Jay, but ever since I got a taste of Damian. It was impossible for me to not to want him all the time. Please don’t stop.

I felt his tongue on my lips asking for entry, and I opened my mouth. After doing so his tongue began swirling around mine. As his hand gradually pulled me closer to his body by my waist.

Moving his hand that was on my neck to my butt; though I jumped a bit, I didn’t break the kiss. It was impossible to resist anymore.

His hand moved down my leg as he pulled it up to his waist, then he did the same with the other leg. So now he was holding me, I liked how close his body was. I was blushing as his hands were now, gripping my upper thighs and butt.

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