Chapter Ten

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I was about give up and just saying I would wear the white dress, that's when one dress cause my eye.

I took it and went into the dressing room, and when I was in it I loved it even more than I thought I would.

I even twirled around in it feeling like it was meant for me, not only that it was in my budget. I totally would wear this on my wedding day, in fact. "Hello future wedding dress."

I say to myself before walking out of the dressing room waiting for Kennedy to come back over. But instead she popped out of the dressing room next to me, I jumped and turned around. "You look beautiful in that Abby."

I realized a bride to be was trying on dresses in the on the other side of me. Her girlfriends and female family members were gawking at me. "You look gorgeous in that dress tell me your getting it no matter what event you're going to." "Yes if you don't wear that in front of anybody else it be a shame." "I wish I could pull that off." "Do you mind if I instagram this? You're just so pretty."

"Oh uh thank you all and I guess if you think I'm good enough to be on your instagram." "Totally you'll look better on there then I will." I blush looking at myself in the mirror, I've never got this many compliments before. I was definitely getting this dress.

"Yeah yeah you look pretty Abby but what about me, all these freaking compliments and not a single one for me." Kennedy said pouting and crossing her arms I turn around and laugh. "Sorry Kennedy, your dress looks pretty to." "Thank you."

After Kennedy got her dress we went to a few other stores, by the time we got done the sun about to start setting.

Damian's POV

After I watched Abby walk out the house I immediately regretted my decision to hang out with Jay. I went upstairs and changed into some cargo shorts and a graphic tank top I had. Then I reluctantly started walking out to the yard looking for Jay.

I really didn't want to spend anytime with me, he was basically my enemy. So I just wanted to punch his face in anytime I saw him. I'd never tell anyone how jealous I was of him he was perfect for Abby. He's overly nice, and I hate to admit it but he's real good looking compared to me.

Why would Abby want me, I'm her step brother for fucks sake!

I was mentally face palming as I walked over to Jay he was on the lawn mower.

"Hey dude." I am an idiot, I don't want to be nice to him at all!

"Hey." No Abby I swear, he stabbed himself to death with a knife; repeatedly.

"So I was told you're taking me to get a suit for that dumb ball Abby wants to go to." "I am, but just let me finish mowing first." "Yeah whatever come get me when you're done."

I went back inside getting on my phone opening my photos and remembered the picture I took of Abby the other day. When she was asleep in the car. She looked so cute asleep, I became a bit upset thinking about her again. She hates me I'm such a dick to her all the time. Why can't I just fucking tell her that I don't wanna be her brother but her lover?!

My thoughts only make me more upset and I head upstairs into my room and begin to punch at my punching bag.

"Fucking hell!" With every punch it was almost like a new image of Abby came into my mind and I only fueled my anger even more. Why did I have to find her so attractive? I knew the day of the wedding only sealed my feelings for her.

I was getting so upset now that I was tearing up, my punches were getting weaker. "Da-mnit...." I choke up a bit before falling to my knees, closing my watery eyes and putting my hands over my face.

This was too much for me to handle, my dad having me live with my stepsisters. The stepsister I am in love with.

The more and more I can't have the worse I feel, now this Jay asshole she's known since childhood. Has already confessed his feelings for her and asked her on a date.

While I haven't even had the guts to kiss her.

I wipe away my tears and calm myself down because I hear the mower outside turn off meaning Jay was done. I grabbed my phone then my wallet.

I was gonna be nice to Jay so that Abby will be happy with me.

Thinking of last night when she hugged me and I couldn't even hold in how much I liked it. I must of been redder than a tomato.

It was the the most blissful feeling I've ever experienced.

If I could just kiss her? I often ask myself but I know if I were to kiss her I'd only want more from her.

Why can't I just forget about her, I know that's another reason I am so mean to her. I want to just blame her for why I love her so much. Couldn't she at least be ugly then I at least wouldn't think about her so much. I think.

I was thinking about her as I went downstairs and met with the guy she likes. "You ready to go pretty boy?" "Uh yeah, Abby already leave?" He said looking around, even hearing his voice made me feel a intense hatred. "Yeah she left right after you two spoke."

What was so special about this guy? What does he have that I don't? I glared at him as we went to his truck, the whole way home I stared out the window. Even when he spoke to me I refused to look at him.

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