Chapter Seven

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"Well you should try to get along with him because he's probably gonna be the only friend you're gonna have around here." I say bluntly going upstairs to my room, but pausing looking back at him.

"And FYI Jay didn't kiss me on my lips because he is romantic, unlike all the sluts your lips have infected he knows I have class. He is a gentleman unlike you." I say whipping my hair as I go to my room, I knew Damian was rolling his eyes.

(But really he wasn't he was hurt but brushed it off and went up to his room)

After my bedroom door was shut and locked, I took off my shoes then my clothes, I was in my underwear. Then I threw my hair up before I put on a night shirt, then went and laid on my bed. I kept hearing footsteps in the hall but I disregarded then I didn't care what Damian was doing. Like he said there was no reason for use to see each other in this big house.

Damian's POV

I watched her walk up the stairs and turn the corner, "She has no idea what my love life is like." I said to myself. If she knew I had only had one girlfriend before she would probably think I was lying. I went upstairs to my room but I did realize she was right, Jay would be the only friend might have out here in the middle nowhere.

I kept contemplating going to knock on her door only making it halfway to it most of the time but when I got to her door and was about to knock and apologize.

I bailed.

It was impossible the only way I could ever talk to her was by being an ass, it was the only way I could hide my affection. But would I really be able to handle being friends with the guy that can have the girl I want.

I went back to my room clawing at my eyes. "I'm such a pussy."

Abby's POV

I got out of bed after think over how mean I was to Damian, I mean it is terribly awkward. To live in a house with someone even one as big as this, and not get along with the person. Or at least try to get along with them.

I walked out my door and went over to Damian's then knocked, within a matter of seconds the door opened like he was already standing there.

"H-hey. I'm sorry for what I said earlier I was tired, and maybe a bit agitated. But I'm not sorry for what I said about you being mean to Jay. He was a childhood friend of mine and I'd rather not have you drive him away. I guess you don't need to be best friends just be nice to him that's all I'm asking, okay." I said rubbing my arm and trying to be nice to him.

"Yeah okay." "Okay?" "Yeah but I'm not promising I'll be his best friends but I'll try to be nice." "Really?" "Yes." "Your not pulling my leg?" "If you keep asking I'm gonna change my mind because you're really starting to an-"

"Thank you so much Damian!" I say hugging Damian unintentionally, when I realized what I was doing I pulled away, I was blushing a little. "Sorry." I said looking up at Damian, to find his face tinted red he looked so much more mature with his stubble. The pink really threw off that manliness. But I couldn't figure out why he was blushing I hadn't seen him blush since the wedding.

"Yeah so I'm gonna go back to my room goodnight." I said before going back to my room, after I shut the door I blushed a bit more and started playing with my hair. "What's wrong with me?"

The next morning when I went downstairs I was met with Damian, cooking breakfast? "Damian?" "Just shut up about it, I'm eating all the bacon." "What no I at least want one piece." "Fine but only the smallest piece." "You are so unfair." I say walking into the kitchen, and taking a piece of bacon from the plate.

Then putting it in my mouth, it was hot and I burnt my tongue. "Stupid." "Shut up!"

I said my tongue out of my mouth as I fanned it. I couldn't taste the bacon anymore it was only pain.

"What you're the one that burnt her tongue on a piece of bacon. How mad can you get at me, when you did it?" I went over to the sink and got a drink of water, the water cooled my tongue momentarily. "Ow it hurts." "Oh my god shut up what do want a kiss to make it feel better." "...." I looked over at him as he continued to cook pancakes, and said nothing in response. But the answer was obviously a no, or I knew it should have been.

It really isn't a solid no in my head for some reason. What am I thinking of course it's a no!?

"Of course not." Damian said glancing at me confused, "Right?" "R-right...of course not!" I blurt out accidentally.

Damian looked at me again this time his expression was questioning me, then he started getting closer. "D-Damian?" I froze not knowing what he was doing, he was so close now I could feel his breath. I felt my face burning as I stared wide eyed, till I couldn't so I tightly closed my eyes.

Then I heard the doorbell ring, I opened my eyes and Damian was back looking away his cheeks slightly red.

"You gonna get that?" He said not looking at me, I quickly went to the front door and found Jay.

"Jay?" "I forgot to tell you yesterday that I was coming over to mow the lawn, and I guess I need to clean the pool to." "Oh okay....did you need inside?" ".....No I didn't." "Then what did you want, not that you're interrupting anything." I blurt out nervous laughing, I couldn't stop so I covered my mouth. "I just wanted to see you."

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