Chapter Eighteen

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“....Okay.” I say feeling a bit hurt that he didn't want to tell me. “Goodbye beautiful.” “Yeah.” I say walking away from him and then grabbing my phone, purse, and car keys I leaving.

The interview

I sat at booth in the diner while I waited for it to be time to show up, I ordered a cup of coffee and spoke to a few people that knew me as a kid. All said and done it was pretty awkward, trying to talk to people who only knew you when you were walking around in princess dresses.

It felt like I was finally home I always loved the small town life but I guess that's why I didn't want to come back. Cause every time I did, I didn't want to have to leave again.

“Ms. Baron.”

I never planned on taking the name of Mark, I did not want to be a Lynn.

But I suppose if somehow me and Damian got married, I would be. Wouldn't I? That would make me the happiest girl in the world.

But alas it is not to be. Probably.

“Ms. Baron, what makes you think you are qualified for this job.” “Debra you've known me since I was in diapers I've been waitressing here since I could walk.” “Abby I know but I have to at least look like I'm doing my job here.”

Debra was my mom's age and knew my mom when she worked at the dinner when she was in her twenties. Her once dark brown hair was now a faded one, she had very long messy hair, that was now short and formal almost. She was still very pretty, but noticeably aged.

I laughed as she added some sugar in her coffee, “You think it's easy running a dinner like this.” “No but if anyone could do it it was you, ain't that what my mom always said.” “Well your mom was wrong, or I wish she was. I'm too good at my job.” she joked.

“You go home dear.” “Why?” “Because you already got the job.” “Really that’s great.” I say relieved that I had a job, Debra laughed a bit. “Did you really think that I’d let you walk out here without a job?” “Now that I think about it I know you wouldn’t.” I say laughing at her very good point.

“You start next week, be here wednesday morning seven a.m sharp.” “Okay thank you so much, Debra I’ll be there.” “Great see you at the ball tomorrow.” I was a bit caught off guard but I then remembered about the ball. “Oh yeah, see you tomorrow night then.”

I smile at her waving goodbye then leaving, I then remembered that I hadn’t told Damian I planned to go with Jay.

I walk out of the diner the head to the car, I sit with my hand on the key that was in the ignition for a minute.

Waiting to turn it on, I was lost in thought.

Damian would definitely not be okay with the idea of me going with Jay, but I couldn’t very well go with him could I? Of course not.

Starting the car I head home, I’d need to face my fears eventually.

Back home

Still in the car I sit there with my head on the steering wheel then I heard a knock on my car window. “Hey you okay?” “Huh?!” It was Jay, he had a nice box in his hands.

I straighten myself out and force a smile, as I grab my keys and get out the car. “When did you get here.” “Oh well I was here when you pulled up, when you didn’t get out the car I decided to come check on you.” “Oh well I’m fine I promise.” Just super stressed about possibly having two boyfriends.

The way I saw it was that if I treated them the same that it would be totally fair, and not cheating. It sounded worse when I thought about it more. But if it was still cheating, I’m only cheating on one guy because the other knows about the other.

“As long as you insist, I’m here to drop off Damian’s suit. I have to go into work today so I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Oh Okay see you tomorrow night.” I say grabbing the box from him when I thought he was gonna leave he gently lifted my chin up to kiss him.

Though I like Jay, the way he kissed me was now a different feel, it didn’t give me the same high that Damian’s lips gave me. I managed to kiss back realizing what was happening before he pulled away.

I smiled and blushed a bit before he waved goodbye and drove off in his truck.

Walking inside still a bit dazed about it I head to the living room where I expected Damian to be. But found a barren couch and black screened tv.

He’s probably upstairs.

I walk upstairs and go to knock on Damian’s door but I hear him talking to someone. It sounded like a female voice but kind of scratchy.

He’s talking to some girl on the phone.

I put down the box and put my ear on the door, I could feel myself getting upset a bit he was talking some girl and I didn’t know who. I was getting jealous but then he started talking.

“Look you know you were the one that broke up with me.” My heart felt as though someone had stuck a pin in it. “I doesn’t matter if I have feelings for you still you moved away to have your dream job without me, you left me.”

Another pin.

“Look I found myself a girl that I know likes me, I don’t need you anymore.” Though that should have made me feel better my heart was still hurting about the fact he even stayed in contact with his ex. He shouldn’t need to if he has me now, he must be having a goodbye conversation with her.

Then I heard him hang up, “She thinks she’d get me back that easy.” I feel several pins stab me again.

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