Chapter Two

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They had already gotten it all set up within the forty minutes I was gone. "Come on we need to go help mom get ready." On the way to the bride's room I passed Damian, he gave me an evil look which I returned with a glare. When we got into mom's room she was already in her dress.

"Wow mom you look beautiful."

Crystal said walking over to her and giving her a hug, I walked over to her to. "Thanks dear." "You look gorgeous mom." "They you Abbs, oh how's your head?" "It's better." I said forcing a smile.

"I spoke to Mark about it he made Damian help set up your half of the stuff." "Good." I mumbled to myself, before sitting down the bag of mostly melted ice on the table. "You girls should get ready. I still have to get my hair done, the stylist is running a bit late." "Okay mom." Crystal and I said in unison before leaving my mom to herself.

"Come on our rooms this way." When we got to the room we found Zoe and Matilda, they were not in their wedding clothes.

"Matilda where's your dress?" My sister asks immediately tending to the kids so I decided to go and start getting changed. I ignored their conversation as I unzipped my dress, behind the fold out privacy wall. Till I heard.

"Damians in here to, he forgot his tie." "Oh where is he?"

I immediately turned around, and saw Damian facing the wall. I was already took off my dress, I had no idea he was behind me. I wanted to scream but instead I calmly picked up my dress and covered myself with it. Then walked out from behind the wall and watched him quickly dash out the dressing room. My face was red, very red, as was Damian's.

I saw my sister holding in her laughter, as I walked over and punched her in the arm. "Ow, I was gonna say something." "That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!" I said stomping back behind the wall, listening to my sister laugh behind me.

Two hours later after I was in my bridesmaids dress, and had my hair done up the wedding started. I was dreading the time where I would have to go stand up their with my mom in front of all those people.

"You're gonna be fine, I've got Zoe you just have to walk to the stage to your spot." "You make that sound easy, I have to walk down there with Damian!" "You'll survive." I tried giving myself a pep talk, it didn't work. But I swallowed my doubt and decided to try my best. I was peeking into the hall it was full of people, lots I knew but lots I didn't.

"Hey." "Huh!?" I felt a hand on my shoulder, it caused me to jump and I turned around. "Oh it's just you. What did I say about touching me?" I said rolling my eyes and looking back out to the hall.

That's when I heard the music.

Crystal picked up Zoe and walked out and started heading out. I uncomfortably linked my arm with Damian, and we smiled walking down the aisle. Then I felt Damian lean over a bit, "Smile for the camera." he whispered. Then their was a flash, he then leaned over one more time before we reached the stage and separated.

"Cute underwear."

These words made me pause ad look over at him, only to be met with a grin as he looked onward. Then we split on our sides of the priest podium I could help but steal glances at Damian he was facing forward. Watching the rest of the of the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk up the aisle. Except for when I looked at him for the last time when we made eye contact.

What is going on in his head? I thought to myself as the ceremony started.

Minutes passed by, but they felt like hours. Then the priest finally got to the main vows, "Do you Jennifer Baron take Mark Lynn as your lawfully wedded husband?" "I do." "Do you Mark Lynn take Jennifer Baron as your lawfully wedded wife?" "Yes I do." "Then by the power invested in me, by god, and the state of California. I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

As Mark and my mom kissed I felt myself gain a small smile. As my eyes wondered I noticed Damian glaring at them almost.

Maybe forty minutes later we were all at the reception, I was already exhausted. I was forced to meet with family new and old. I was outside on the patio getting some air when my grandma came out. "Grams." "What are you doing out here Abby?" She ask walking over to me her cane tapping as she did.

I smiled at her, as she shakily sat down next to me. "I'm just getting some air grams. It's tiring meeting all these new people."

"Well they are starting to put out the snacks, I know how much you like chocolate dipped food." I let out a small laugh with her. "Okay let's go in grams, I think they have some mashed potatoes in there to."

When I went inside I got some food and sat down at the immediate family table with grams. "You looked beautiful in your dress sweetheart." "Thank you grams, you really need to come visit us more. I never see you anymore."

"Dear. It's lonely in that big house without your grandfather." She said then paused.

I can't get around anymore, not like I used to. So I have talked to your mom and I am going to a retirement home." "What, no grams come live with us. You don't need to be in a retirement home." "Abby I have spoke to your mother and father and I have decided to-"


I turned to see Damian, I glared at him and tried to ignore him. "Jen wants you, sorry to interrupt grandma." "It's fine me, your parents, and you two will all have a conversation later." "What do you mean grams?" "Don't worry about it just go your mother wants you two." "O..kay see you later grams." I got up and reluctantly followed Damian. "

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