Chapter Five

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I told myself he was my step brother it's not as weird, to cool off I decide to go out to the pool and chill. I change into my one piece swimsuit and go out to the pool grabbing a towel on my way.

I never sunburned so I didn't worry about putting on any sunscreen. I decided to just lay in the shade patio chair for awhile, closing my eyes. I was relaxing finally, when I heard the pool water moving. I instantly furrowed my brow, knowing it could only be one idiot I knew. "Damian didn't you say we didn't have see each other!" I shouted sitting up only to be met with a stranger.

"AH! Who are you?!"

I scream covering myself with my towel, the man walked over to me speaking as he did. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you Abby." "How do you know my name?" I say freaking out now, was this some horror film made reality. Was this guy gonna kill me?

"You don't remember me? I guess it's been a few years." I look confused at him, what was he talking about I knew him. "I know you?" I say studying him as he came over closer. He was tall, has short messy dirty blonde hair he had a tattoo on his left arm. It was a single black hollow triangle about two inches on each side. But he had blue eyes, familiar kind eyes that I knew from somewhere. "I'm sorry I don't remember who you are." "Okay I'll remind you, grab my hand." "But-" "Just do it."

He said smiling at me kindly, I was unable to refuse his request. "Okay."

I said grabbing his hand, I saw that he had a birthmark on his hand it was a curved. Then he lined it up with the two dots I had on my hand. "Jay Jay?" "So you do remember me." "Oh my god you look so different, you don't have glasses anymore." "And you don't have your braces." I cover my mouth blushing.

"Not for four years." I say laughing just then Damian comes outside, his towel around his neck still shirtless. I sigh a bit bothered and annoyed. "What do you want?" Damian said, "I was about to ask the same thing." he groans running his hands through his hands sighing.

"You called my name then I heard you ranting about something so I came out to see what your deal was."

"Oh sorry I thought you were Jay." "Jay?" He notices Jay standing next to me, then walks over to us. "I'm Jay I've known Abby for years, nice to meet you." "Yeah whatever, I'm Damian." He said not shaking the hand Jay had stretched out to him. "Sorry about him he's always an ass." Damian rolled his eyes and went inside. "I'm gonna go see what's in the kitchen." "Jay come in we totally need to catch up." I say dragging him inside then sitting him down on the couch with me.

"So how's it going lately what are you over here?" I ask my towel besides me, just chatting with him in my bathing suit. I felt comfortable with an old friend, maybe also because he aged so well.

When I recall the old Jay Jay I remembered him being a scrawny guy no muscles and nerdy almost glasses and acne. But of course he was such a sweetheart back then, me and him were best friends and I told him everything. Expect for the fact that back then even though he was kind of a dork I had a huge crush on him.

"Well I actually come here and clean the pool and help your grandma maintain the yard. I started when your grandpa got sick years ago, you know I live so close so I offered to help. Well I used to, she said you were moving in. So I intended on coming down and cleaning and everything before you got here, but I guess I came a bit too late."

"Really you've been helping them out all these years." "I'm not complaining."

I was barely listening I was too busy gawking over his new body, muscular, tan, no acne, tall, abs and as far as I could tell had abs. I find my eyes wandering to a place that they don't need to be, and I blush immediately. I'm a perv. I look away covering my face subtly, while he continued to speak.

"I offered to, don't get me wrong it was to help them out but it was also because I hoped you would come over and I could see you." He said smiling and scratching the back of his head. "Really?" "Yeah, but anyway.."

He said awkwardly, then looking away back outside.

"I was still planning on coming over and helping with the lawn and the pool because I didn't think a girl would really want to do all that. But I see you have a guy to do that stuff for you so I guess I won't come bother you." "What? No if your talking about Damian he's my step brother." "Oh Jen remarried I forgot, I was unable to attend the wedding. I guess it's thanks to me coming over to help all the time that i have a job. "I work in town now as mechanic slash plumper and piping guy."

"Let me guess you helped grams with her plumbing and stuff too." I said laughing a bit, and smiling at him sweetly. "Yeah. That predictable huh?" "You really haven't changed you're still such a sweetheart." He smiles shyly looking at the floor a slight pink tint to his cheeks. "You're 18 now right?" "Yup, you're 19 still right?" "Yeah, you know you haven't changed to much either. You're still so pretty." I blush at his sudden compliment and the alluring way he looked at me.

My brain is going to malfunction.

WARNING! WARNING! HOTNESS OVERLOAD! *gears breaking and metal hitting metal* OVERHEATING! OVERHEATING!

Yup my brain is fried.

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