Chapter Seventeen

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“Damian I-” “Don't Damian me god damnit! I know your just gonna say something about not wanting to be with me! I don't wanna hear it, no! At this point my heart can't take it!”

“Damian just-”

“You shouldn't have lead me on like you did!” “Shut up Damian!” I shout out at him irritated he wasn't letting me talk.

“I'm sorry...I'm sorry that I've been disregarding your feelings for me. I do really really like you. I might even be in love with you already but it doesn't change the fact we are siblings…” I say getting exceptionally angry about having feelings for someone I can't have.

“Not only that I have feelings for Jay real feelings I just can't forget about those either and I could actually have a relationship with him.” “So date him and me…” “What?” What was he even thinking date them both?! “Now hear me out,” I open my mouth but quickly close it deciding to let him speak.

“If you date Jay you can go on dates with him and stuff and kiss and whatever. Then you could see what he's like as a boyfriend but at the same time.” He pauses looking over at me lewdly, it makes me flinch a bit as he does.

“You could be with me and we can have our own relationship on the side. It's the perfect cover up, we are siblings after all. Come on tell me how genius I am.” “You are crazy that would never work. I mean really would you want to share me anyway that's just so risqué.”

“I know that sounds kinda bad, but I'm not saying it's my ideal relationship with you...but I'd rather have it that way then not have you.” I blush at his notion he would rather share me then not have me at all.

I couldn't believe how much I hated my mom right now.

I never would have seen this coming. How was Damian able to steal my heart so quickly when it was already taken by someone else?

I don't think, no I know that I'd choose him in the end. Even though I can't.

“........Okay. But promise me you'll still get along with Jay.” “What you'll do it?!” Damian said excitedly, his face now bubbling with joy. I ask as his exhilaration grew, I smile a bit but get serious again. “Yes but hey, hey you heard me right?”

“Yes be nice to Jay.” He then released my arms and hugged me, “Anything to be with you.” he whispered into my ear. His face hidden in the crook of my neck, as he kissed my skin gently.

I blushed again and didn't know what to do with my hands but decided to let them do what was natural. So I slowly hugged Damian back.

After a few minutes of a daydream I remembered my interview at the dinner. “Oh Damian I still have that interview to go to.” “Reschedule.” He said his head still in my neck, I roll my eyes a bit at his stubbornness to move. “I can't just reschedule.” I say feeling his steady breathing on my chest as he was still on top of me and between my legs.

Plus I had no time to waste I wanted to be there earlier than later, but I still had to get dressed.

Then I remembered. I'm still naked!

“D-Damien get off I need to get dressed.” “Says who?” “The law, I can't go out in public naked. Get off.” I felt him take deep breath before he pushed himself upward, then looked down at me. “To bad I was pretty comfortable laying on your pillowy boobs.”

I turned red and he smiled evilly knowing how I'd react to a remark like that. I push him in the chest and he allowed himself to roll of me. Laying in my bed he watched me sit up.

I was sitting on the edge of my bed getting ready to walk over to a box that I had my formal clothes in.

Then I felt a finger trace my spine, and I got chill throughout my body that started in my toes. Just the light touch on my skin made me blush.

“What are you still in my room?” “Because being your side….dude? Either way being your lover on the side I get to see you naked right?” He said over my shoulder, his hands on my hips.

“No you don't get any yet what you saw last night was enough.”

“I don't remember what I saw last night.” He whined childishly, as his hand slid off my body. “Not my problem.”

He scrunched up his face and looked like an actual small child. “Now get out.” “Fine.” Damian said before walking to the door but paused, scratching the back of his neck and opening the door. “I love you.” He said before hurriedly exiting the room closing the door behind him.

I smile a to myself staring at the door, my heart has been stolen from me. “I love you too.” I say for myself to hear more then anything.

Now I had to dressed.

So I decided to put on my nice royal blue dress before I slipping on my gold sandals and jewelry. I looked in the mirror liking my outfit.

“What do you think?” I ask Damian downstairs as he is on the couch scrolling through his phone. He seemed to be angry about something but I figured it was something stupid. “So…..?” I asked again he looked up at me a bit confused then smiled. “Oh yeah you look sexy as usual.”

He said not really paying attention, then looking back down at his phone. “I'm gonna go and kill myself now.” “Yeah yeah good luck.”

“I'm gonna burn all your stuff.” “Uh huh okay.”

“I'm gonna go fuck Jay.” “Wait what?” He said standing up and looking at me, while I give him the ‘uh huh’ look. “I'm kidding, but what is your deal?” “Nothing.”

“You're lying to me you are so distracted right now. What's up?” “It's nothing just go to your interview.” “It's something and I want know.” “If you needed to know I'd tell you.” He said grabbing my hand and rubbing the back of it with his thumb. He was trying to get me to drop it so I just did but it still was on my mind.

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