Chapter Four

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"Hey, shut the fuck up." I heard Damian say through my headphones, I rolled my eyes and turned up my music. "Fuck off." "What's the house like?" "Big." "Ha ha your so funny, what's the house really like smart mouth." "It's big, nice, has a pool and hot tub, huge yard, big bedrooms and luxurious living rooms, and bathrooms. Oh yeah and more important thing it's way more than you deserve. And I rather be living with Satan then with you but I guess I already am."

I said my arms crossed, I was facing the road ahead avoiding from looking at him. "Trust me I'd never choose to live with you either but my dad is forcing me to."

"Oh I wish you would just fucking stop with the your sister, your mom, my dad, my family. Cause you've already established that you hate me and the ones I love, so just stop. It's just overkill now." I said turning away from him and trying to sleep till we got to the countryside. Then I would have to help with the directions.

But till then I was gonna drift away to Jon bellion, I soon fall asleep.

When I wake I'm being shaken, very roughly I might add. "Wake up you freaking rock." "Did you just call me a rock?" "Just tell me where we are going."

"Ugh turn left on south williams then take the third road you can't miss the huge ass dark blue house in the green grass." I said closing my eyes, but then I was shaken again.

"Stay awake I don't wanna waste my gas on making a wrong turn."

"Um I'm pretty sure mom put gas in the car." "She didn't fill it all the way so I stopped and put some more in." I noticed a bag the had some snacks in it on the floor by my feet. "Oh, either way if you can't follow some simple directions you really are an idiot." "Just fucking make sure I turn the wrong way."

"Fine whatever."

I said rolling my eyes and sitting up, seeing I wasn't gonna get to sleep anymore. Once we got to the mansion I hopped out the car and grabbed my bags,Damian did the same.

"Hey can you help me with this bag?" "No." Damian said taking the keys from me, I dropped two of my bags so I just threw them in the trunk. "I'll get them later." "Holy shit you were right this place is huge."

"Yeah I know. I'm gonna go put my stuff in my bedroom."

"What bedroom is that?" "My bedroom." I said walking to my grandparents room, I threw my stuff on the bed. Gramps and Grams had a memory foam mattress. Then I laid myself down on the bed, almost falling asleep at contact.

But I was interrupted by, "Hey where is my room ?" I sit up and stand in my doorway. "It's right there." I point to the room behind him, and he throws his stuff in the room. "You need to go out and grab your shit out the car so you can take me to town."

He ordered harshly, I was so fed up with him being so cruel to me.

"You know what I don't ask that you treat me like a sister, but I at least deserve to be treat like a human being." I said tearing up and running outside to the car, I got the other two bags but I couldn't pull the one bag out. I began to get irritated and was about to lose it when Damian came out and grabbed the bag.

"Damian?" "I forgot I had some stuff in here." I remembered my mom helping me pack nothing of his was in it, so. What he's just being nice to me?

I brought my other bags inside wiping the residual tears on my face, and throwing them on a chair in the living room.


"Look this house is big there is no reason we need to be in the same room. I'll keep to myself, you keep to yourself." He said sitting the bag down and walking to his room pausing, "Okay." I responded bluntly. "And I'm sorry for being an ass." "It's...okay." I say not expecting the apology, I scratch the back of my hand in confusion.

A few hours later I get a call from Mark asking about Damian, I glance at the door of his room through my bedroom doorway.

I can hear his music through the walls and his closed door, that's probably why he couldn't hear his phone. I roll my eyes letting out a sigh figuring I should tell Damian that his dad called. I get up in my sweater and shorts, and knock on his door. There was no answer.

I then shouted his name while banging on the door, no response. So I continued for about a three minutes before, the music kicked off.

I stood there tapping my foot waiting for the door to open, but it didn't so I opened the door.

When I opened the door it was the smell of man sweat, it was overwhelmingly strong. "Damian?" I said breathing through my mouth, I didn't see him on the Bedouin turned to the bathroom.

He was doing pull ups in the doorway, he was dripping sweat. I felt my cheeks heat up, his bare chest was exposed and I could see that he had abs.

He's definitely not using steroids. I thought to myself as he dropped to his feet then walked over to me. Grabbing a towel and wiping the sweat from his face.

"Um your dad called you probably couldn't hear over the music. He wants you to call back." I say trying not to think about Damian muscles, I mentally was slapping myself in the face. "Okay thanks." His black hair was drenched and all he had on were sport shorts. Um he's my stepbrother. And he's an asshole. I thought to myself before leaving his room quickly, going to my room. After shutting the door my cheeks were on fire, I leaned on the door then slid to the floor. I held my cheeks, I kept think about how I found my brother attractive at all.

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