Chapter Eight

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“Oh.” I say blushing and leaning on the door frame, “I just wanted to see you so I'm gonna go and mow now.” he turns and he'd for the backyard. I turn around and go back inside holding my cheeks these boys are to much to handle.

As I walk back to the kitchen I find Damian gone, I look around and don't find him. When suddenly a hand covers my mouth.

“Guess who?” I hear a voice say from behind me it was obviously Damian.

I went to turn around but he wrapped his other arm around my waist, to stop me. He pulled me close to his body and I could feel his muscles through his thin shirt.

I would have moved away or I should have but I didn't, so as he turned me around. I saw he had on a mask it was a Mask that covered his eyes, I rolled my eyes. I was gonna say something but my mouth was covered again with his hand. “Don't I look cool?” “Get my grandpa's mask off.” “I found this in my closet.”

He said taking the lion mask off, I crossed my arms and took it from him.

“This is for the yearly masquerade ball, which actually reminds me.” I say handing the mask back to Damian and jogging to the back where Jay was. While I ran off I could hear Damian mumbling his annoyance under his breath. I found him at the shed getting out the lawn mower.

“Jay hey! Jay.” I shout as I jog over to him, “This weekend is that ball right?” “Yes that is why I asked you to go out this weekend.” “Oh. Weeeell let’s just say that I didn't know about the ball, I forgot.” I say my face giving off a 'my bad' feel.

He chuckles a bit, this makes me blush a little harder. “Well now that you do you're still okay for saturday night right?” “Of course.” I said grabbing his hands with mine, then swinging them happily.

“Good otherwise I would have been a bit depressed, Kennedy is actually going shopping for her dress today. Maybe you’d want to go with her. She was gonna make me take her into the city to go to the mall and look but I rather not spend all day looking at my sister in dresses. So if you could take her I’d gladly appreciate it. Plus since you didn't know about the masquerade ball I'm guessing you don't have a dress either.”

“Oh my gosh I don’t! But even if I did, I’d gladly take your sister off your hands." I say smiling at him. In response Jay let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness, I was gonna ask you that to earlier but I forgot.” I laugh at how happy he was that he didn’t have to spend hours with his sister.

“But I need a favor to, you need to take my brother over to your grandpa’s suit shop. He is still making suits right?” I ask hoping the answer was a yes.

“Yeah he is, and deal.” “Good cause I’m gonna make Damian go to the ball.” Plus get you two to spend some time together so you can become friends. I think as I release Jay’s hands.

I walk back inside and went directly to my room quickly getting dressed, putting on some shorts a tank top and a lace vest coat. When I got downstairs I was met with Damian in the doorway, “What do you want?” I said rolling my eyes.

“I just wanted to know where you thought you were going?” “I am going to the mall with Kennedy, Jay’s sister for your information. Not that it matters or is any of your business.” “Uh we need to go get some laundry soap.”

“Good because you're going into town with Jay to find a suit for the ball.”

“Uh I think not.” I Damian says crossing his arms in protest, “You are because you promised you were gonna be nice to Jay.” I said poking him in the chest. “The fuck I did, I told you I would be nice to him. I told you that I was specifically not gonna be his best bud.” He said poking me right back, but on my forehead.

“Please just spend today with him I know you like cars, you could see if he will show you his. I’m sure he’d gladly do so.”

I clasped my hands together and pleaded to him to, I noticed his face turn a faint pink as he rolled his eyes and agreed to it. It worked!

“Thank you so much!” I said before quickly getting in the car and driving to Jay’s house. When I pulled into the driveway I was greeted by Jay’s mom Beth , she still had very red hair like when I was a girl.

She almost ran up to hug me, she was like a second mom to me she was so fun to be around. She'd let me use her makeup all the time and dress up Kennedy. We used to get into so much trouble, with Beth. One time I remembered me and Kennedy getting Jay to let us dress him up.


“Oh come on Jay Jay you big chicken, just let us dress you up.” I said trying to convince Jay to let us put makeup on him. “Alright fine you pains you can dress me up.” He rolled his eyes and took off his glasses, so dorky. “Yay!” Me and Kennedy shouted happily, then we began covering him in foundation. We put lipstick on him and lots of eye shadow.

Once finished we showed Jay his reflection he looked weird in all the makeup. “Woah even with all that makeup you still manage to look ugly.” Kennedy said laughing, I shushed her and smiled at Jay. “Don't listen to her you always look handsome…..just not right now.”

I laughed with Kennedy, while Jay glared at us. But eventually giving in and laughing with us, we have never laughed so hard.

Flashback end

I smiled to myself recalling such memories, my life was so perfect back then. What I would give to be a kid again. I thought returning Beth’s embrace. “Abby, hello dear!” “Hey Beth.” I said pulling away, she was smiling so widely that I could help but smile to.

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