Chapter Twenty One

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“How do I look?” He looked at me a slight grin, and get a bit shy about it and put my arms down. “What?” “You look better in my shirt then I do, but that’s no surprise. If you put something sexy in anything it automatically makes it better.” I blush and look away, he always managed to say something that embarrassed me.

I covered my face a bit but Damian pulled my hands away, before he leaned in and kissed me again. It seemed like he didn’t mean for it to be a long kiss, but Damian soon had his tongue in my mouth again.

I let out sighs, getting the chance to breath when he opened his mouth to only suffocate me more.

My face was red, if my mind wasn’t so blank I would have been really embarrassed about how lewd and lustful my expression was.

“Damian.” I moaned between the kiss he readjusted himself laying me back on the bed.

His big but gentle hands moved down my thighs to my butt he smoothly took off my underwear.

Like he had done it several times before, this caused me to get a bit upset. It hurt to know that he had already lost his virginity to some other slut. I guess I wasn’t intentionally saving myself for him, but I was still able to not lose my innocence till now.

Unlike him, who probably lost it in high school.

After he removed my underwear he moved back and opened my legs to look at me. I blush a bit it was embarrassing having him look at me like this. It was all out in the open, and I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not.

“Abby?” “Y-yeah?” “Do you have any flaws?” I blush as he leaned down and kissed my stomach getting lower but pausing.

He scrunched his face into a frown and growled a bit. “Do you really want this? Because I’m not gonna force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” I smile at him, he cared to ask me.

I could tell that he really didn’t want to ask, but he did anyway to make sure I was entirely sure I wanted to.

“Damian. I’m glad that if I do this with anyone that it’s with you.” I say smiling he sighed a bit I could tell that he was relieved I said that. I didn’t see him wanting to stop this any time soon.

“Good because I’m gonna be honest. I’m so hard right now, that I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.” I blush at Damian in response to what he had told me along with the lewd face he was giving me.

“You look at me like I’m your prey or something.” He smiles evilly, then leans down biting my inner thigh. “Maybe cause you look like such a snack I just wanna pounce on you.”

He then gets up and pulls his pants down exposing his boxers showing his clearly huge boner.

“Woah.” He’s so big.

“What you like what you see?” “N-no.” “You don’t?” He smiles a bit raising an eyebrow, “I meant, I didn’t….I wasn’t staring. But it’s big, and I like it.” I blush and look away embarrassed that he made me say it.

Damian bit his lip a bit growling, then getting on all fours started to crawl towards. “Uh Damian?” I say blushing a bit more, not realizing that I had backed up against the headboard.

Getting closer he put his big hands over mine, he then then growled at me again. “You really are cute you know that?” He said moving his face into my neck, then grazings his lips on my neck as he spoke again. “I’m savoring every inch of your beautiful body, and I’m not gonna forget it this time.”

This itself made me let out a small moan, “Damian.” I smiled a bit. Closing my eyes as he kissed my neck, I soon felt him sucking on my skin. After pulling away he smiled at me a bit baring his fang like teeth.

“You remind me of a dog.” I say at him and taking in his beast like aura all together.

“What?” Damian said letting out a dry laugh. “You have sharp teeth they look like a dogs.” He raised an eyebrow, as to say ‘Are you kidding me?’. I blush a bit I wasn’t trying to insult him it makes him cute.

“You're like really bad at this sexy talk thing.” He says chuckling again. “It’s cute.” I mumble to myself looking away feeling stupid for saying such a weird thing.

“Thank you you know you remind me of a cute little bunny.” I instantly think he was referring to my ears or saying I have big teeth.

“You have this cute little nose, and those big beautiful eyes that I can’t say no to. Not to mention your two really big front teeth you could chomp right through some wood.” “Hey!” “I’m kidding you pest.” “First off bunnies classify as a rodent, second the proper term is rabbit. You mutt.” “Oh that one stung.”

Damian said making a fake pouty face, I playfully pushed his face away because of how cute it was.

“Shut up I wasn’t trying to be sexy I was just being honest. I meant you remind me of a wolf or something.” “Ummm why didn’t you just call me that then, that I like.” He said wiggling his brow, “I don’t know I didn’t mean to make it sound so bad okay Jesus.” I say crossing my arms and looking away getting a bit irritated.

“I’m messing with you, you know.” Damian said his expression getting serious but kind, as he put a hand on my cheek making me look at him. “You can call me whatever you want.” “I’m gonna call you my beast.” “Then your beast I will be, bunny.”

I smile a bit and kiss his nose, which he responded with leaning in and licking my cheek. “You taste delicious, I might have to taste more of you.” He began to move down kissing my chest as he did.

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