Chapter Fourteen

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While I was trying to get away from Damian, I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings.

I fell, and I hit my hand hard, on the table and it was so painful I couldn't even scream about it.

I got up holding my hand trying to move it. "Ow." I whimper starting to cry, "Abby are you okay?!" Damian came rushing to my aid but I couldn't face him.

"I'm fine I'm just gonna go upstairs." I run out of the living room not going to my roam but running to a part of the house I knew Damian wouldn't find me.

"I'm a terrible person." I say as I sit in the corner of the room my knees to my chest crying.

Treating him so awfully. I like him my brother. Damnit. "But he's my step brother." I say to myself trying to make myself feel better, but it didn't help. What am I supposed to do?

Why was this boy responsible for causing my world to come down crumbling down on me? How could I let his charming ways slip right through my bars?

"How stupid must I be to do something like this?" I say facepalming, just feeling myself getting more and more confused how to feel. "But he likes me back." I say getting up and sitting on a couch in my dark hide away. I could hear Damian upstairs walking around searching for me.

Are we supposed to just live together like this, these romantic feeling still developing for each other. I couldn't even tell my mom why I'd want to move out.

I look out the window, "Abby come out." I hear faintly from upstairs as he goes down the stairs beside the room.

Please stop, forget about liking me can we just forget about these feelings.

"Abby come on." I hear him getting closer so I get up and lock the door trying to be quiet. He must have heard me lock it because he was at the door twisting the knob moments later.

"Abby open up." Just go away please. I think to myself as he starts knocking on the door. "Abby come on open the door, I just want to talk." I feel my soul just aching he sounds so genuine right now, I can hear how much he means it.

But I can't get my feet to move, was I supposed to believe him. He has treated like a waste of space since we met, could he really just have a crush on me.

"Plea-se go." I say my voice cracking a little as I curl up on the couch, as my tears trailed down my face again.

Damian's POV

After Abby ran off I got the instinct to follow her I couldn't believe, that even after I was such a dick to her...she still developed feelings for me.

I managed to make my way upstairs even if I was drunk, I wasn't gonna lose her.

She wasn't in her room so I tried searching the rooms but she was nowhere. So now I had no way of knowing where she is, and there are tons of places she could be.

I felt so stupid now I tried drinking to settle my nerves and ended up druck off my ass. I never thought about what would happen if she liked me back. I smile knowing that she liked me to, made me feel even better about everything.

I couldn't tell her how happy she had made me with just these few words. "Abby come out." I shout through the house I couldn't find her in this place, but I wanted to. I needed so badly that even though my head was throbbing, I kept looking for her.

I tried to walk down the stair but even doing that was almost impossible, but I managed to get to the bottom of the staircase without hurting myself.

I wasn't gonna miss my chance to be with her again, damnit this was my chance to be with her. But I got drunk and now I can't even run to chase after her.

"Abby come on." I say yelling down the hall, that's when I hear a light clicking noise like one of a door locking so I followed it to a door. Which I found locked, so this meant she must be inside.

"Abby open up." I say hoping for a no or some kind of response, anything to tell me she was in their.

Please answer.

There was no answer, so I wondered if maybe she wasn't in there. But I felt so strongly she was so I spoke again.

"Abby come on open the door, I just want to talk." I was so desperate to see her, I was happy, sad, and angry all in one. My heart would snap in two if she changed her mind.

There was again no response. I was about to give up and go to another room to look for her, but I heard a voice come from the room. "Plea-se go." I smile and sigh in relief a bit.

But I could hear the pain in her voice she was crying, had I hurt her feelings, was it from when she fell earlier.

"Abby..." I knock on the door, "Go away Damian." I made another decision to make her love me back. With that decision I left the door heading to another room.

Back to Abby's POV

He knocks again, but this time he sounded different, and I couldn't put my finger on how. "Abby..." But still trying to get him to go I try being a bit more firm about telling him. "Go away Damian." After that I heard him walk away I waited a few minutes then unlocked the door and peeking out. He was gone.

I was relieved, I didn't want to hurt him or want my own feels hurt and more jumbled then they already were. But at the same time. Had I missed something that could have been.

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