Chapter Twenty Four

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They were sweet and felt good on my tongue, I suppose that’s why there was spit dripping down her breast. I was watching reactions as I continued, it only motivating me and making me harder.

I watched her as I licked her nipples repeatedly. But what really got me was when I bit down on her nipple a bit, starting to nibble on it. That’s when she really got loud. She was so sensitive.

I speak my delighted thoughts and she apologized to me she just told me she was sorry for being sensitive and basically sexy.

I quickly corrected her and pulled her closer, I wanted her to feel how hard she was making me. My hands on her hip as I pulled her up to kiss me her no sitting on my lap and my hard boner.

I was very much enjoying this passionate kiss and the feeling of her soft lips, so again I told her. Wanting her to know how much I enjoyed everything about her, and when she again spoke up.

I was a bit thrown off it caused me to blush that time. I hadn’t ever gotten feedback from my ex it was always so posed to be about her.

I truly was fortunate, to have Abby in my what used to be a shitty life.

I figured I should stop teasing her so much no matter how fun it was so I decide to take this to the next level.

After unbuttoning my shirt. I go to throw it to the side but she grabbed it from me, putting it on. I smiled a bit at the display in front of my she looked so hot in my clothes. What I would give to let this be a forever thing.

She gets a bit shy and I reassure her of how adorable she looks in it. Before I leaned in for a quick kiss, but her lips felt so good against my own that I slipped my tongue in her mouth again. I was very eager to get on top of her I blushed a bit at just how much. I couldn’t control myself with her. Come one Damian learn some self control. You don’t wanna scare her away.

Her moaning my name again was my shove to take the next step, I cautiously moved my hands down to her butt. What a fine ass at that! I think to myself uttering a faint moan before blushing slightly.

I pulled off her underwear, I pulled away from her to get a view and she would think I had just discovered a winning lottery ticket. I couldn’t name all the dirty, lustful, evil thoughts going through my perverted brain right now. Just imagine everything that I could possibly do to her. Noticing how embarrassed and….helpless she looked right now I tell her how I feel and see her get a bit more comfortable.
I smile and lean down starting to kiss her stomach wanting to work my way down to the ‘good part’.

When, irritatingly….but thankfully I had a comprehension that maybe Abby was doing this for me and really didn’t want this. So sighing and growling in annoyance, at my decision to be a good boyfriend. I asked her if she wanted to do this?

“Damian. I’m glad that if I do this with anyone, that it’s with you.” Thank god!

I think to myself, knowing how impossible it would have been for me to try and stop myself. I wanted to be in her already, I was so hard having my pants over my boner hurt.

I was honest and told her how glad I was that she hadn't said no.

“You look at me like I’m your prey or something.” I smile slightly holding back a chuckle, then I realized that I liked what she was saying.

Who was I kidding I could eat her up, sexually or not.

Again I teased her about it honestly before we started a funny little argument.

She called me a dog, but I suppose I could have been called something less sexy. Like a rat or a snake. I laughed to myself several times before we ended the little argument. That's when the real fun started.

She kissed my nose cutely, so I leaned down and licked her face. “You taste delicious, I might have to taste more of you.” I said kissing down her chest, savoring her breast a bit as I did.

“N-no don’t go any lower with your mouth.” She said just as I had gotten past her waistline, I was disappointed at the very least. “Come on please.” I said giving a smile leaning down and licking her stomach, hoping to change her mind.

But my efforts were useless, she said no. I'm still gonna have some fun with that wet pussy of hers. So I moved my fingers down having some fun with her. Rubbing her clit, before slipping my fingers as deep as they could go in her. Within minutes she had melted.

After that I finally asked her if I could put it in. After I slid in her, it was all a blur of moans and pleasure. That was till I came, I wish I hadn't been wearing a condom. How hot it would have been to see my cum oozing out her.

“Jesus Abby.” I say aloud accidentally, it felt amazing and I couldn't help it. This was the best sex I had ever had, Abby was better than my fucking ex. Even though she knew what she was doing, unlike Abby.

Abby's POV

“Was it not as good as-” I went to say but Damian cut me off, before I could finish. “It was amazing Abby, the best sex I've ever had.” I felt the burning in my ears, I was bright red.

“Damian!!” I cover my cheeks feeling greatly embarrassed.

I heard him start laughing, so I peeked through my fingers. I get even more embarrassed hearing him laugh at my bashfulness. “Abby babe,” I take my hands off my face slowly, and look up at Damian, my cheeks still flush.

He looked down at me, him looking genuinely happy smiling sweetly.

“You're so cute, and you're not even trying to be.”

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