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It Happened Last Year  by Sydney724
It Happened Last Year by Sydney
(Complete) After a terrible encounter at a party, one year later, Hailey Fonte is ready to return to her home town. With everyone against her because of last years event...
  • player
  • romance
  • overcoming
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Natalie's Diary by KeriHalfacre
Natalie's Diaryby Keri Halfacre
Natalie Driscoll is dead. She flung herself out a window and her neighbor Jane into the middle of Cullfield's darkest secrets. Following Natalie's instructions leads Jan...
  • teenfiction
  • secrets
  • wattys2016
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Saints' Promise (MC) by AussieeBums
Saints' Promise (MC)by S.C
Small towns seem to be a beacon for those in need and Saint Lawson is no exception when it comes to Willow Falls. //Completed-Edited// //Book 1 in the Promise Series//
  • loveyourself
  • gangs
  • motorcycle
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Caught.  by ShelleySnow
Caught. by ShelleySnow
Emma is human. Emma likes her life in her small predictable town. At least she thought it was predictable, that is until she is brought into a town much like her own w...
  • werewolf
  • possessive
  • luna
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Lost | √ by moonpilots
Lost | √by lilly ☆
She's always been lost in life, but she never knew she could be lost in love. Copyright © 2018 by moonpilots. All rights reserved.
  • smalltown
  • death
  • newadult
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Finding Penny (Wattys2018 Shortlist) by ShelleyBurbank
Finding Penny (Wattys2018 Shelley Burbank
WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 12/4/17 In Three Lakes, Maine there are more secrets than stop signs. Hometown girl Chloe St. Cyr ought to know. Fifteen years ago, her friend P...
  • completed
  • opennovellacontest
  • investigaton
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Just Us ✔️ by restlessbookreader
Just Us ✔️by restlessbookreader
Lacey Wright finally moves back home after traveling around Europe with her parents for over two years. Everything she left behind is the same, including her feelings fo...
  • summertime
  • teenfiction
  • youngadult
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The Wolf Den (Mature Romance) by Mimic-My-Howl
The Wolf Den (Mature Romance)by Dionne Michaela
Not long after Werewolves are exposed to the world, Jennifer Jenson - AKA JJ - decides to keep a low profile in the small town of Last Springs. Quickly, JJ finds herself...
  • murder
  • badboy
  • werewolf
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Kidnapped By Killers by JennaBreezyy
Kidnapped By Killersby Jenna Breezy
"You never suspect anything bad to happen in small towns. They're usually just filled with families, and friends, who love each other. Rolling Meadows was a town wh...
  • fights
  • fight
  • fanfiction
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The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | ✔️ by Monrosey
The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | DS Jamison
THANK YOU, Wattpad, for the HQ Love Watty Award! Concept: A mysterious young woman flees from her troubled past only to discover it is impossible to escape THE SECRET...
  • suspense
  • smalltown
  • completed
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Riverchase by trapgoddess_
Riverchaseby Life Of A Princess
This story is about a small town just outside of New Orleans and the people who live in the town. Riverchase. The town of secrets. From a distance, this town may seem so...
  • thriller
  • mystery
  • smalltown
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The Player & The Pauper by Ashley_Mariex
The Player & The Pauperby Ashley Marie
Peyton Church is a city girl by anyone's standards. Born and raised in New York City, she grew up wanting for nothing. She attended the most prestigious preparatory scho...
  • drama
  • teenromance
  • inkitt
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Don't Date Grey Daniels by Sydney724
Don't Date Grey Danielsby Sydney
Addison Prescott manages to start a war between the cheerleaders and the football team at her new high school. However, things become a little difficult when Addison fin...
  • funny
  • player
  • enemies
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Finding Normal In Hollyville by meeksadorable
Finding Normal In Hollyvilleby Omei
Edwardus Augustinus is a man on a mission to find normalcy. Tired of always feeling like he is living under a microscope being daily scrutinized by the public and his fa...
  • tearjerker
  • secrets
  • completed
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A Hero's Secret by jennadiane
A Hero's Secretby jenna
In which a rash photography blogger moves to a cottage in the trees, immediately finds a dead body, and proceeds to team up with the town's forever suspected murderer to...
  • whodunit
  • featured
  • cozymystery
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Fragments ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
Fragments ✔by Steeply
• Previously Featured on Wattpad • Pierce and Scarlett are two unique fragments who cross pathways in a low-end motel. He is running away from his haunted past, while s...
  • dangerous
  • love
  • madness
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Breaking Brielle by CammiKenny
Breaking Brielleby Cammi Kenny
"Matthew Preston? The kid who doesn't have any friends?" "Matt Preston? The kid who used to play on the football team?" "Matthew Preston? Don't...
  • football
  • school
  • accident
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Hometown Boy by southernbella01
Hometown Boyby Scarlett McLeod
Coming home was difficult for every soldier. The change back into civilian life wouldn't necessarily be easy for anyone. But for Coulter Benjamin Davis, it's about to b...
  • dark
  • romance
  • love
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DarkFall | ✔️ by 4llyxox
DarkFall | ✔️by Ałły
Cecelia Lake thought she had a normal human life, she had a hot boyfriend with stupid jock friends. Two incredible best friends with striking personalities, and a big da...
  • complete
  • thedarlingawards2018
  • femalealpha
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Desire by SarahSwartz
Desireby Sarah Teresa Swartz
PREVIOUSLY TITLED "HOW CAN I HATE YOU BUT STILL LOVE YOU?" Written: January 1st, 2016- February 27th, 2016 Cover change: August 7, 2018 Kim Harper and Jackson...
  • teenageromance
  • depression
  • sarahstilinski
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