Chapter Sixteen

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“Bull you were so drunk you can't tell me you remember anything. I mean after you drank even more already drunk it would be impossible.You can't remember and neither can, so who's to say we didn't just sleep next to each other in the nude?” I say making a good point.

Which Damian responded with pointing past me at some condom wrappers on the floor. “Those don't mean anything.” “Abby are you really gonna try denying it.”

“I don't want to think that I had sex with my brother.” “I'm your step brother, stop calling me otherwise it's just annoying.” I close my eyes trying to just calm down. He was right I couldn't just avoid it, but I didn't want to have to think about it...mostly.

A feeling deep down in my heart, looking past the fact that he's my step brother, that he is a complete asshole, and even that he was drunk when it happened. There was a good feeling a feeling of lust and love for what we had done and I couldn't even tell myself that 100% I wouldn't do it again.

“At least I know drunk me had enough common sense to make sure we used a condom.” Damian sits up and looks to the side of the bed and chuckles a bit. “Um it kinda looks like we used more than one from over here.” He says laughing dryly “What?!” I sit up l and lean over him and five wrappers.

I felt embarrassed and regretful. “No way….that means me and you had sex several times in one night.”

“I have no regrets that just means that you really enjoyed my company.” “Ew shut up!” I say shoving his shoulder with my free hand. How drunk was I last night?

“I must have been really drunk last night if I couldn't remember having sex with you that many times. I mean it has been the only thing I've been thinking of lately.” Damian say smirking and standing, nothing covering him anymore. “Cover yourself you idiot!” I say chucking a pillow at him. “Hey you already took a peek at me earlier! Why are you getting mad!”

I blush, in return to his statement. “I-it's not like I was trying to get a look, I was trying to see if you were naked as well.” “Why wouldn't I be naked?”

“I don't know!” I blush not wanting to think about this, I had no idea how my body or my emotions were reacting to this.

I could lose my mind just trying to process what was happening, when Damians voice suddenly came to my attention. “Hey beautiful, are you okay?” “Yeah I’m...fine.” “Look if I know anything about you it’s that one you have a nice ass” He said giving me a small grin trying to make me laugh.

“and two you are freaking out right now. Which is because your worried how our decisions affect everyone else.” He said pulling up his pants and walking over to me, climbing on the bed and sitting next to me.

I was looking down by now trying to avoid eye contact with Damian fearing that he might see the growing endearment I had for him. I couldn’t help but get these wrong feelings for him, it was just the charm he put off.

When he flashes that smile my heart melts a bit. Oh Damian.

“But what you never think about is yourself, you forget that it’s your right to be selfish every once in awhile.” He said lifting my chin to look up at him, “You can’t help who you fall in love with you know.” once we made eye contact I couldn’t stop myself and I leaned forward kissing him.

Closing my eyes not looking to see if his eyes were closed because seconds after our lips met. His hands were on my hips, pulling me closer to him. When I managed to pull away I was breathing fairly hard, but he continued kissing me moving his lips to my neck.

“Damian.” I let out trying to stop him, it sounding more like moaning then I intended. I could feel him smirking and chuckling a little, blushing I clear my throat and saying his name again.

“Damian stop.” “Don't be such a party pooper.” Damien whispered, I felt his breath on my ear and it gave me goosebumps. “But...I need to go I have a job interview at the dinner in town.”

“What you got a job?” Damian said pulling away and looked at me. I couldn’t tell how he felt because he hadn’t made it obvious like other times. “Yeah I did. You should look into getting a job as well.” “The only job I want is one that takes too long to achieve.” “What do you mean by that?” “Nevermind me, I guess if you need to go. We can finish this later.” He said giving me the same pervy smile that he always gave me, but that I didn't realize till now, that he actually meant it.

“No we can’t.” “What? You are not telling me that you don’t want to do this again.” “That is what I’m saying, we can’t do this again and you know it.”

“That's a load of bull shit you just about to fuck me again.” He said getting upset and grabbing my wrists then pinning me onto the bed. “G-get off.” I say struggling a bit.

“Not till you admit it.”

“Admit what?” I say confused and giving him a questioning look my hands shaking in defense.

“That you really want me to fuck you.” “What?! But I don't.” Lie. “That's a lie and I know it.” “Why does it matter?!” I say trying to avoid the question. “Because you liked it. You like me. You told me you did.” He said his grip loosening though I could have slipped out of his grip, I really didn't want to.

Having him on top of me was quite the turn on, and he seemed so upset about this. I knew that I was getting a peek at the real Damian, and I liked it.

His grip tightened again as he started getting angry, but at the same time all I could see in his eyes was sadness and disappointment. “Dammit Abby you can't just play with my feelings like this. You said you had feelings for me to. You can't take that back, not only that you had sex with me. It doesn't matter if you were drunk you allowed it to happen…and I have no regrets.”

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