Chapter Nine

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"It's been so long." She said happily before we caught up a bit, she kept bringing up Jay. She always did want to see me and Jay get together, she had us shipped since childhood.

"So you found a boyfriend yet?" "No, not really." "My Jay hasn't found the right girl either even though he is so charming and great around the house. No girl is good enough for him, or at least so far. He needs a pretty girl like you." I laugh knowing exactly what she was trying to do, all I could do was laugh.

"Shame your son's very handsome." "Tiz a pity so I hear he asked you on a date." "Yes he did." I say smiling, and crossing my arms knowing.

"So you like him right your not gonna break his sweet heart are you?" I laugh a bit at her aggressive tone of voice. "No ma'am. My intentions are pure." I say putting on a serious face while I responded.

"Mom stop interrogating poor Abby no wonder Jay doesn't have a girlfriend. Well you and that he's ugly af." "Savage huh Kennedy?" "Yup, now to the mall girl we've got some shopping to do."

"Okay, bye Beth." I say as me and Kennedy get into the car and head back to the city. I f only I could have killed myself all she wanted to listen to was Taylor swift.

Country pop girls. I thought a constant glare on my face, as I drove.

When we got to the mall and got out the car, "Okay on the way back, no more fucking T swift or any country at all for that matter." I said as I shut and locked the doors. "But-" "No buts I've listened to enough taylor to last me a lifetime."

"Oh my gosh you can never have too much T swift." "Well I can and I've reached my limit, your basic as shit you listen to katy perry, selena gomez, fan girl over one direction." "That doesn't me anything I totally pull off the the cowgirl look." "The fact you call it a cowgirl look and love shopping in forever twenty one doesn't help our case." "I lived in the city for most of my life and i'm totally more country then you." "I am offended." Kennedy said crossing her arms acting upset, then smiling.

"You're right though. For a city girl you sure do have a cowgirl attitude." "I guess yeah, I'm a country girl in my soul but my taste in music is old country or no country. I'm more into all indie pop, electro, dubstep, almost all rap, and, hip hop." "How do you live your life?"

"Shut up or I'll kill you and hide your body somewhere no one will find you." "Where's that?" "Your school library." "Please no have pity on my soul!" She say pretending to cry, I laugh maniacally before we both burst out laughing.

"I missed you." Kennedy said being serious, she was smiling. She looked so much like her mom except she had curly blonde hair, I smiled back at her.

"I really missed having you there you were like my big sister, don't get me wrong I loved your sister to but she was so much older then me that we never really bonded like me and you. I was really sad when you left." "I missed you to Kenny." "Ugh don't call me that." She said shoving me in the arm as we reached a dress store, I laughed.

Whether or not I sounded sincere or not I really missed her to she was like a little sister I never had.

I guess I didn't know if it was just because we were such good friends or maybe if it was a bit because I hoped me and her brother had gotten together as kids. I blushed a little I never really took the time to see how much I liked Jay throughout my life. I even thought about him in highschool when I didn't have a date to prom. I would just think about if he was there I would be able to ask him and he'd go with me no questions asked.

I thought about him alot till my mom met Mark, and I met Damian. Then I thought about was how annoying and irritating I found Damian. Or now that I thought about it I was just thinking about him, I wasn't always mad when I thought about him.

What does that mean, it couldn't be that- My thought was cut short but Kennedy's voice. "Hey are you there I asked you if you liked this dress?" "Huh yeah yeah, it's really pretty." "Okay you're not even paying attention. What's up?" "Nothing I was just thinking about something don't worry about." I grab a dress off the rack, and hold it up to myself.

"Girl no way that is totally not your color." Kennedy said taking the dress putting it back and grabbing me a white dress. I looked at her like she was nuts.

I don't think I ever wore a white dress before and if I was being honest didn't want one on my wedding even though I'm a virgin.

"You joking right?" "Just put it on, your wasting my precious time." "Fine whatever." I go into the dressing room and put on the fluffy white dress she got me. I looked in the mirror and laughed at myself I was definitely not wearing this it's too white.

I went out with the dress on to show Kennedy who was waiting for me. "Omg that is so totally the one!" "Okay first off, no. Second, hell no." "Ok you're crazy and not gonna find a dress in here that looks that good on you. I give up already." "How about you look for your dress and I'll look for mine?" "Fair enough kay bye."

She said walking off into the store I let out a heavy sigh, think about how dumb I looked in this thing. "Girly girls, bleh." I said making a grossed out noise then getting the dress off looking as some other ones.

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