Chapter One

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"Wake up."

My eyes they feel weighted.

"Wake up!"

Sand covers my eyes, I'm just too sleepy.

"Wake up Abby!"

I rub my eyes and struggle to sit up, brushing off all the dust from my eyes. I turn to see my older sister Crystal she was my least favorite sibling. At least in the morning. She always managed to be up at 7 am on the dock. So for some reason I must be up at this ridiculous time as well, even during the summer. It is tiring, literally. Especially on my mother wedding day.

It's terrible, my life that is.

Impossible even.

Okay so. My mom finds a man after my dad left her five years ago, not that bad. But the guy has three other kids, a one year old girl Zoe which hates me, a five year old girl Matilda, that also hates me.

But mostly, the most horrid and obnoxious one of them all is the boy, Damian. He's only a year older then me, 19. He's the salt in my wounds, and just has the best time pissing me off. He's taller then me, has has black hair long on top short on the sides, which he always wore up. He has what he calls his muscles from the sports he played in high school. But I never put steroids past him. Life with these three new step monsters are going to for sure be hell.

Through my moaning and groaning Crystal managed to get me up and dressed. "Come on, we need to be at the church early to go help set up." Crystal said dragging me through the door in a flower covered dress. Which she forced me to wear. "Help? Me and you will be doing all the work." I said getting into the car after Crystal, "No Mark is having Damian help." I heard her say as I buckled up.

"Yeah right he's just gonna stand there on his phone." I mumbled as we pulled away from the house.

Crystal she was three years older than me 21 and in her third year of college. She stayed at home cause we lived by the college, so it was cheaper. As for me I just graduated and had no plans for the future.

"Be more like your sister." Mom would say to me.

When we got to the church and hour or two later there were other people who worked there running around. I got inside and saw my mom I walked up to her happy to see her. She had been in Florida the last two days to pick up my step grandparents with Mark.

Plus meet some of the stepfamily up there that couldn't make it.

I was so glad she was home, Crystal's cooking could kill. Not only the fear of stomach poisoning but the fact I really missed her. "Mom." "Abbs you're here, and you' a dress." "Crystal." "Ah I see." My mom said with a small chuckle, "Where's Mark?" "Oh he's around here somewhere he's helping the workers prepare. You know him always trying to help." "Yeah he's a keeper mom." "He really wishes you girls would call him dad you know." "It's just so uncomfortable."

My dad left when I was 13 I guess I was upset then, but I was old enough that after awhile I got over it. It was just me, my sister, and my mom till this last year.

That's when she met Mark.

It's true he was a great guy, I liked him alot he was good enough for my mom. But calling him dad was weird. The only thing about him and my mom getting married was that I had to sibling to his horrid kids. They hate me and only me.

"I know but I'm getting married to him so you'll have to call him dad eventually." "I know mom but it's just-" "Heads up!" Before I could even see what was coming towards me it hit me in the head.

It was a basketball, the only one I knew that would bounce a basketball in a church was.

"Damian!" I shouted holding my head, he came jogging over holding in a laugh. "I'm so sorry." "Damian don't play with that thing inside." My mom said her arms crossed. "Owww." "I'll go get you some ice sweetie." "Thanks mom." My mom walked off leaving me holding my head.

"Ha ha ha dude that was hilarious." "No it was painful." "Do you have a bump let me see." Damian said reaching his hand towards my head, I smacked his hand away quickly. "Keep your filthy hands off me." "Jeez I said I was sorry, touchy." "As if you actually meant that?"

"Your such a baby." He said bouncing the ball on the ground a few times, I crossed my arms. "At least I'm not an ignorant ass." I said before stomping off, I went into a hallway away from everything. There was a stone bench that I sat down on, rubbed my face with my hands. "Why did this have to happen to me? To my family?"

A few minutes later Crystal found me, she had a bag of ice. "I found you! What were you doing all the way out here?"

"I hate it."

"You hate what?" "This! All of this, the wedding, Mark, his kids! My life! It's all gone to shit!" I said roughly taking the ice pack from Crystal, as she sat down next to me. "Hey hot head, chill out you're gonna melt all that ice in that bag."

"Oh I just hate him!" "Damian?"

"All of them! They all hate me the the baby, Matilda, especially Damian." "You don't hate everyone, I know that your heart's too big for that. Our new step siblings might be pains in the butt but you don't hate them. I don't care for Damian either, but either way he's gonna be our new brother soon. So me and you need to be okay with that. For mom, she loves Mark, and I know you want her to be happy. So I know you'll, for mom." "For mom I'll try." I said calmed down I got up and went back into the chapel with Crystal.

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