Chapter Twelve

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This guy. I roll my eyes, just thinking about how nice he is to everyone I mean being nice to his grandmother, that's a given. But being nice to this girl that won't stop flirting with him. Or me a guy that was being an asshole to him.

"Yeah me and Javonne are good friends already." I say smirking at him, he almost glared at me him obviously irritated. "Yeah Damian are great friends."

A few minutes later after some introductions, Jay's grandfather was taking my measurements. "So will you have this suit by the ball saturday?"

"Yes I have a line but because you are a friend of Jay's I will just bump you to the top. Either way your suit won't take long you have a strong but slim body structure. Your suit will be very easy to make." I nod my head this old guy is pretty cool, and he knows how to flatter a guy. Of course it is his job to make people buy his suits.

"And the price?" "Don't worry about that either this is your first suit so it's on the house." "Really? Sweet." I cross my arms quite satisfied about this trip to a tailors. The only other time I had been to one was when I was getting fitted for my groomsman suit. For that damn wedding.

Sometimes I thought about happy I would have been if my dad hadn't married Jennifer. I would have been able to make my move on Abby, a long time ago.

Or I at least would have been able to taste her sweet lips. I hate my life why am I torturing myself about this. Obviously thinking about it was useless because they did get married and know she was my sister.

"I just hope she will like it." "Getting this suit for a girl ey? I make sure it's extra sleek, she won't be able to resist you." The old man joked, I laughed at how oblivious he was about this girl I wanted to impress. The fact that it was the girl that his grandson was taking to the ball.

He probably be a lot less accepting if he knew that it was the same girl.

I thought to myself again, was I a bad person for these feelings I have? I had asked myself this question several times before, but never until now was I actually taking it into consideration.

About an hour later, after I was fitted and had gone over the details of colors and such with Jay's grandfather, we left.

The sun wasn't even close to setting. The girls wouldn't be back for awhile the drive just from the edge of the city was almost two hours and Jay said his sister would be shopping for hours so we went back to Jay's.

I told him I wouldn't mind checking out his cars like Abby told me two. But either way of course it really didn't bother me because I liked cars anyway.

When we got to his barn slash shop he took me inside and all hatred aside. It was a really amazing collection especially for someone so young.

"This is wicked dude." "I know it's started as a distraction from Abby but eventually it turned into a hobby of mine and I actually want to do it now."

"Well your parents are well off enough you can do this." I say looking around I get the sense that I might have been a little insensitive so I try to fix it.

"Of course my dad's pretty well off to but he thinks cars are stupid and that I could be spending my money on better things. So I invested in workout equipment that's, how I maintain my...what did your grandfather call it? Oh yeah, strong but slim body."

Me and Jay laughed a little as we walked past the cars, "Dude is this a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra?! This is an older model to! How the heck do you get parts for these?!" I was hovering my hands over the beautiful car that sat in front of me.

I was looking around my eye were glowing looking at these beauties. "Woah! That's a 1969 Boss 429 Mustang....they don't even make parts for those anymore." I peaked into the window gawking at it's interior, new leather seats.

"You know your cars city boy." Jay said chuckling and punching me in the arm then he walked over to a key rack, grabbing a set. "Wanna take her for a drive?" "I couldn't if I fucked it up I'd hate myself." "Dude you know you want to."

He wasn't wrong I was dying to drive this beaut, but I couldn't trust myself enough not to fuck it up. But could I even resist if I wanted to. "Hell yeah I do."

Jay laughed at my enthusiasm but I didn't care too much right now I was gonna get to drive a Boss Mustang.

Abby's POV

After two hours of driving I finally got home after dropping Kennedy off at her house. Jay's truck was there so I just assumed Damian went home after they got their suits.

But then the worry came to my mind that they didn't leave at all, and that Damian was a huge didck hole to Jay. these thoughts made me drive a few miles faster than normal.

But when I got home there was an unfamiliar car in the driveway an older looking one I had never seen before. Once I opened the front door I was greeted by the sound of music. It was 'all time low' by Jon Bellion.

I didn't know that Damian listened to Jon Bellion.

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