Chapter Twenty Three

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Damian's POV

She will never understand how much I love her but I know I do, and I'm not holding back anymore. I pulled her towards me by her neck. I wanted to kiss her, that's all my brain was thinking about right now. I couldn't get the feeling of our lips interlocked out my mind I wanted to taste them feel her tongue on mine.

It's not like I could stop myself at this point anyway. I think to myself as her lips meet with mine they were so soft so warm.

I couldn't even wait to slip my tongue in her mouth, but I didn't want to go so quick, I wanted to savor this feeling. I licked her lips a bit, they tasted like candy. It was that chapstick she uses. I couldn't stop myself from watching her put it on. Not since I've had these feelings, just thinking about how soft they were would torture me.

But now I can kiss her lips almost whenever.

I slipped my tongue in her mouth her allowing me to. Someone would think I was nuts if I would tell them how this makes me feel. Her warm wet tongue sliding around mine her saliva mixing with mine, I couldn't get enough of it but this was only making me hornier and harder.

I pull away a spit string linking our tongues, I lick my lips a bit noticing the saliva dripping off Abby's red face. I couldn't any ounce I had in me to stop was gone, I could only imagine her naked body pressed against mine.

"I'm sorry, but I can't stop myself anymore." "Damian it's been one day." Did she think I hadn't realized the it's only been a day since we last had sex. But she doesn't know how much it kills me, knowing I got to fuck her but can't remember it. None of it, not her beautiful body, not the passion, and not the feeling of her soft virgin heat.

"You don't think I know that, but I've known you for months you know it's not like I haven't been wanting it." Please allow me access Abby I can't stop now, say I can.

I think as I lean down and kiss her neck trying my best to persuade her seeing the unsureness in her eyes.

I lick her and tasting her a bit, then decide to give her a hickey I wanted to do it but I suppose a known bonus is at the possibility that Jay would see it. I want to see Abby try and explain that to him, I frown ever so slightly thinking about the selfishness I get when it concerns Abby. I should want her to be happy to.

"Damian." I hear her moan suddenly bringing me back into the moment, I liked that Abby. I smile a bit and can't help but speak my mind. "Moan for me again, it turns me on."

"What do you want me to do to your body?" I ask, wanting badly to continue to pleasing her, and hear her respond to the pleasure.

I waited for an answer but didn't hear one so I pulled away a bit, I look at her and her eyes are closed. I look at her a bit confused raising and eyebrow, I was about to move a hand to her cheek, and ask her what was up but she opened her eyes.

"I don't know, you do what you want." She said obviously to embarrassed to say it. "Just say it." I say letting out a small sigh, what is with this innocence of hers she's so cute. "S-say what? I have no idea what you're talking about ha ha ha."

I stare at her a bit, seriously she was the embarrassed one. "It's to embarrassing to say."

I explained to her how hard for me it was to tell her how I felt, then tried to encourage her to speak up.

I was definitely not lying when I said that. It worked and she eventually spoke up but I was not expecting the words that came out her mouth. She wanted me to bite her, did she want me to fuck her right now. Because oh it was getting so hard not to.

I leaned back into her neck to hide my struggling expression, I smile a bit and whisper. "See, I was right." Because I so fucking was, how could she be so secretly naughty. I licked my lips a bit before I gently bit her neck, which she responded with a moan. I smiled and did it again which she again replied with a moan. This was fun and oh so hot.

I absently slipped my hands up her shirt and under her bra, I blushed a bit realizing I had. But when Abby didn't comment on it I just continued and played with them. They were so soft and almost too big for my hands, the moment I started to rub her nipples they got hard.

Though feeling them was entertaining, I wanted to see what I was feeling. Abby again allowing me to play with her beautiful body, was so cute to see so red.

I took off the dress, finally. Boy was it worth the wait, now for this pesky bra. After I had the bra off it was over, I was not turning back now. I wasn't gonna try to hold back. As if I could anymore.

I smiled reassuring her that her breasts were the best. She blushed a hid her pink face from me, it was so cute.

She was sheepish about the compliment, I wanted to see how red her face was. So, I uncover her face smiling a bit knowing it was my fault she was so flustered.

I smiled a bit more as she told me to shut up and decided to take advantage of her sheepishness.

I smiled evilly I was dying to see what her perfect breasts tasted like. So licking my lips I leaned down and started to suck on them, playing with them with my mouth and my hand. After I had my lips on her beast I was gone lost in a lustful trance.

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