Chapter Twenty Two

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“N-no don’t go any lower with your mouth.” I say blushing as his mouth got lower. “Come on please.” He said smiling at me licking my stomach, I got goosebumps.

But I was still very embarrassed I didn’t want Damian to do everything to me, yet. Plus I guess I was a bit strange for him to taste me.

It’s not like I’m really a snack.

“No not today, I don’t want your tongue anywhere near my vagina.” I say closing my legs, on his body. “What a shame? I guess I’ll just have to make do with what I have.” I blush a bit, then Damian move his hand lower, touching me and rubbing my clit.

I let out a moan as he gently rubbed, I was far more sensitive then I thought I’d be. “Damian.” I let out, I moaned his name again my face was pink while his was more of a lustful grin. “Go ahead moan my name again, say it.” I blush a bit but find that even if I didn’t wanna moan I couldn’t.

I moan more and more, unable to stop as Damian had slid a finger in me. I almost melted right there, it felt so good. I’m so weak I can’t even handle this it feels to good.

He must think it’s annoying having me be so loud.

He continued to finger me as he kissed my stomach licking me and biting me moving up my body just to see my reaction. I must look like an idiot.

It felt to good for me to think about it, or anything for that matter. So I couldn’t really think about how embarrassed I was.

“Abby please can I put it in?” Damian said as he reached my lips kissing me roughly sliding his tongue in my mouth. I somehow managed to say yes through his suffocating lips. After he heard my muffled moan, he sat up reached over and slid on a condom. “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”

Was I actually going to do this willing gonna fuck my step brother? Dating him was one thing, but what if I got pregnant? It felt so dirty, but this adrenaline, this feeling, this pleasure, it’s amazing.

He put his tip at my entry, it was already super big. He’s never gonna fit in me. I think momentarily but before even I have the chance to give it a second thought.

“Fuck Damian.” I moan my legs almost instinctively wrapping around his waist. “Shit Abby you're so fucking tight.” I respond with a moan as he starts thrusting, I blush as I hear him groan in my ear.

This feeling this bliss it was a amazing, I had so many regrets but now all I felt was love this love I had for Damian. If I had asked myself if I had feelings before moving in with Damian I would have strongly said no without a second thought.

But now….I don’t think I could last without him in my life. I love him no matter what we have to go through as a couple.

I have this realization in my head as I am dazed by pleasure unsure what to think anymore. Any words I could think of at the moment we’re sex related, though.

I guess most people don’t try to have a serious and romantic conversation in the middle of having sex.

“Faster Damian!” I moaned loudly as he started to speed up, leaning down and biting my neck gently.

As I felt him stretch me out more, I realized I was clawing his back.

My nails got deeper, he bites me harder. I blush feeling myself make a lewd face, as he continued to thrust harder and deeper.

I arch my back feeling him growing in me, “Damian!” I moan shivering a bit at the feeling. “What?” He kisses my cheek gently before moving and biting my ear massaging my breast.

“You can’t grow like that, okay? At least not so suddenly.” I say my face red and my eyes closed as I felt my body tighten at the growth. “Sorry babe but that was your fault I can’t help that your so sexy.” He said licking his lips, then sitting me up he pushed me against the headboard.

“I was so sad to hear you weren’t gonna let me taste that hot and juicy-” I cut him off not wanting to hear him say something like that.

“Shut up you're not helping.” “Fair point, you are drenched. We are gonna have to wash all these sheets.” He smiled groaning a bit as the new position caused him to slide deeper into me. I moan and blush more, he’s so good at making me hot, just using his words. “Fuck Abby your moans are driving me crazy. I might have to go full beast on you.” He smiles, purposely baring his fangs.

After finishing his statement Damian speeds up greatly going far faster than before causing my brain to turn to putty.

“I’m gonna cum bunny.” “I am to.” I say clawing Damian’s back more, knowing it was a lot harder this time. But I couldn’t control my body anymore my nerves were thinking and moving on their own.

I heard Damian groan again, it sounding more like a growl whether or not he meant for it to.

“Damian!” I moan cumming tightening around him as I twitch, within a few more thrusts. I feel Damian cum as well, it was strange feeling him throbbing deep inside me, filling the condom.

Damian pulled me closer to my body by my waist and shoulders, he burrowed his face in my neck. Kissing and biting it and my collarbone which I moan in response to before I felt him pull out. I blush a bit as Damian pulled away and looked at me, he was grinning a bit. “Jesus Abby.” He said suddenly which confused me a bit, had I done something wrong?

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