Chapter Three

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What did mom want did she say?" "No she didn't tell me. Come on this way." It was already getting dark out, and the sunset was pretty. "Why is mom out here?" I said noticing we were heading to the garden, even though no one was out there. We were in the hedges when I finally realized.

"Mom didn't need me did she?"

"No no she didn't." "Ugh I'm leaving." I said annoyed and going to leave, but I felt Damien grab my arm. "Wait I wanted to talk to you." I stopped and turned around crossing my arms, not knowing what we would talk about. "What?"

Did he want to talk about early, that incident. What about would we talk about? Maybe it was about the comment he made earlier.

"About the wedding..." I was shocked by his statement, and embarrassed at the fact I thought he'd want to talk about earlier. I blushed crossing my arms, and responding to his comment. "Yeah what about it?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I have no intention of being your brother, or your friend. Just because my dad likes your mom doesn't mean you're my sister. You will always be my step sibling that goes for Crystal to. Me and my sister will never fully accept you, your mother, your sister, or any of your family." He said coldly, his harsh words strongly affected me.

I couldn't control my anger, and I slapped Damian across the face with full force. "You're so cruel!" He regained his footing and looked back at me, a red mark on his face. "Say what you want about me, you can hate me if you want. But not you ever speak that way about my family." I said before running back inside, holding the skirt of my dress while doing so.

I couldn't believe what he said to me, had never met someone so evil.

Hours later at the end of the wedding my grandma had me, Damian, Mark, and mom come to her to have a conversation. Which Crystal decided to join in on.

"Now, Abby and Damian. This conversation is about you two, your sister Crystal is in college now. She is an adult and will soon be searching for a house. You two will also be starting your life's soon. So me and your parents have discussed, and came to a conclusion." "You Crystal will keep our house, because me and your dad decided to buy a new house."

"What mom we are moving?" "Your giving me the house? Mom I couldn't." "Sweetie you are privileged to have such a headstart in life, just be grateful for it." My mom said holding my sister's hand then turning to me and Damian.

"You two you should thank grandma because she is giving you two her house."

"Grams you're giving me you mansion?!" "Yes I'm giving it to you and your brother, you two are to share it and move in after I leave." "What?!" Damian and I say in unison. I would have been ecstatic to hear I was getting my grandmother's beautiful mansion like home, but to share it with this monster. It was impossible for me to be happy about it, "Thanks but no thanks I'm perfectly fine with staying with my dad." Damian said speaking up.

"Damian you are not just gonna live with me your whole life." "Damian dear it's not possible the new house has been bought and it has two rooms one for your sisters and one for us." "I can stay in the basement, the garage, the living room."

"Damian." Mark said firmly, Damian stopped talking.

"It's already been decided." He said showing the conversation was over. I realized the the stones of my life have all came crumbling down on me. I was being forced to live with Damian, who was basically my enemy.

"Thank you grandma, thank you mom, and thank you Mark." I said forcing a smile then excusing myself from the conversation, while Damian insisted on trying to change their minds.

Could my life get any more shitty?

Moving day

"Okay sweetie have fun on the car ride with your brother." "Okay mom." "Do you two have your food money." "Yes Jen." Damian said putting the last of our stuff in the car, we didn't have to bring most of our stuff. So we sold our beds and our furniture, along with other things we had lying around the house. All the stuff I sold earned me over thousand dollars because of all my art and high quality stuff while Damian earned a whopping two hundred dollars

Before me and Damian left my mom hugged us both tightly. "Mom I can't...breath." I move away from Damian and fix my sweater, and going around to the passenger side.

"Sorry it's just your my baby, you're both my babies. I'm gonna miss you." "Mom you're the one that kicked us out." "I wouldn't put it that way it was more of a friendly nudge into your future." "Either way you kicked us out."

My mom crossed her arms beging to tap her fingers. "You know with as much as you two have in common, like rebelling against your parents, your strong pride, and your impressive amounts of sass. You two should get along better." I roll my eyes, and take out my ipod.

"Bye mom."

"Goodbye message me when you get there." She shouted as we drove off, I watched her wave till I couldn't see her anymore. I put in my ear buds and played my music, jon bellion was my favorite singer of all time. The song irobot started to play and I got excited, and started to dance to it. Quietly bobbing my head to the music, then lip singing to it.

I was a human, breathing and thinking

Eating and drinking, philosophizing

I was a human, before you killed me

And ripped my heart out, I knew what love was

Now when they ask me, I just reply slow

By now I was quietly singing along, humming the words.

And sound like an iPhone

I do not know love, I am a robot

(Ba ba ba ba bam bada bum)

I do not know love, I am a robot

(Ba ba ba ba bam bada bum)

I used to know love

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