Chapter Fifteen

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I immediately brushed that off, it never could have worked out the way I would have wanted. I need to lock up these feelings and just worry about my dad with Jay.

I sneak up to my room, and lock the door this room was big but so empty and hollow to me. The ceiling must have been at least 18 feet from the floor there was a fancy chandelier to.

But there were no pictures of people, there was no clothes anywhere none of my stuff had been unpacked. This room was missing personality.

This only made me feel more alone maybe I should have talked to Damian. I think as I make my way to the bed. Even though it should have been easy, I couldn't even try to sleep. So I laid there staring at the ceiling.

That was till a face came into my vision, it was Damian, but how?

"Damian?!" He steps away leaning against the door, the only escape I had. "How did you?" "I was already in here. I knew you'd come back here." "Let me out." I say trying to move him but only hurting my hand. It was still really sore but trying to push on him did not help.

"Stop it and give me your hand." "No let me out!" I say as I try to move him again but he grabbed my arm stopping me.

"Here." He said putting a ice pack in my good hand. "Put this on your hand." "I'm fine, I don't need this." I say handing it back, lying about it I just wanted him out. "Stop being a pain and just do it." He said roughly handing back the ice looking irritated.

"I know you hate me right now but you can't just forget that you could have broke your hand." "What are you talking about?" I question him.

"You hit your hand earlier you very well could have-" "Not my hand. Damian I don't hate you."

"Well right now you haven't proven otherwise but, it's fine. I'm just gonna make you love me." He say letting go of my arm and pulling me closer to his body.

As my body is closer to his I find myself a bit aroused which I immediately blush about. This is my brother.

Then putting his other hand on my cheek he lifts my face to look at his. "You really do have beautiful eyes." I blush even more Damian has never said anything like that to me, actually no one ever has.

"Damian I....I don't hate you...but being with you would be wrong." Damian doesn't say anything he only looks away, seeming a bit hurt. "You know just wouldn't be fair to our parents."

"I don't care! Dammit you can't just ask me to forget about these feelings! You can't just forget yours either, and YOU know it." He says firmly grabbing my shoulders, and shaking me a little as he spoke. "What choice do I have?! What choice do you have Damian!?" I blurt out in my anger, I look up as I feel myself about to cry again.

"I can't just decide that I like you when my mom's married your dad, neither can you." "Why didn't you say something before?"

"Because you were such an ass to me I wasn't letting myself fall for some jerk." "I know but I was only like that with you because I couldn't figure out how else to talk to you. I'm not good with girls! I never have been..."

I frown at all the misunderstandings between us that now have prevented us from being together. "Please just stop,if I could be with you I would." "Why can't we Abby as far as I can see you're the only one keeping us from being together right now."

"Come on." He says uncovering a bottle of whiskey that's on a stand by the door. "I don't drink." "Come on Abby live a little with me, get drunk like me and forget about everything wrong between us and in the world. Let's just hang okay." I was hesitant but I knew that deep down I wanted to.

So I slowly agree, I knew that when I had my first cup of whiskey I was drunk in moments. I knew it would be such a bad idea to get drunk with an already drunk guy that likes me but....maybe. I just wanted a excuse to let whatever happens, happen.

After me and Damian had poured the first glass everything became a blur, my head was just filled with laughter and happiness no sadness, no worry, no doubt, and no....self control.

The next morning

I wake up slowly my head pounding I had a headache, it felt like a hammer banging in my head. The moment I went to pull the cover over me, I was stopped by a hand.

Immediately I knew whose it was and could only guess why. I managed I turn over and I found Damian sleeping, his hair was a mess and shirtless. Which only helped seal what I was worried about.

We had slept together, but what really made me feel stupid was that I was naked too.

Oh my god. I thought to myself, putting my hand over my face sighing in regret.

I had sex with Damian. I lost my virginity to my step brother.

I couldn't believe it, had I really done something so stupid and embarrassing? I pull down the sheet and get a small glance of Damian''s so big! I quickly drop the covers my face red as I covered my mouth spacing off a bit.

"You done checking out your surroundings?" Damian said opening one eye to look at me a smirk on his face. I would have pushed him out of my bed but I was more worried about covering myself.

Damian attempted to move my hands from my chest with one finger pulling my arm to catch a peek. "Come on I've already seen it."

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