Chapter Twenty

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He walked over to the bed still holding me then breaking the kiss he laid me down on it. Pulling away I felt some saliva dripping down my chin, I blushed as I must have been very deep into the kiss to not feel it dripping down my chin.

Looking at Damian he had a bit on his chin as well, I blush as he looked down at me lewdly. He seemed so numb now all I could see in his eyes was a lustful gaze. “Damian.”

“I'm sorry, but I can’t stop myself anymore.” “Damian it’s been one day.”

“You don't think I know that, but I’ve known you for months you know it’s not like I haven’t been wanting it.” Of course I knew he was craving my body, he likes me.

Not like I could say I didn’t want to fuck him right now but I would be lying. But It’s different then knowing I had sex with him drunk cause I can’t remember how it felt. This time would be real, I’d remember all of it this time.

Damian leaned over his hands on either side of me his face was close but our bodies weren’t touching. He then leaned down putting his face in the crook of my neck. He put his lips on my neck kissing me then sucking on my neck, giving me a hickey. 

As he did this he moved his hands down lifting up my dress then feeling my breasts. “Damian.” I moan though I try not to. “Moan for me again, it turns me on.” I blush hard at his words he was straightforward about what he wanted.

Even though I wanted him to try biting me I couldn’t tell him it was to embarrassing to think about, let alone to say out loud.

“What do you want me to do to your body?” Damian asked suddenly, I blush and looked closed my eyes his face still in my neck.

He pulled away when I didn’t answer, I opened my eyes to find him looking at me an eyebrow raised.

“I don’t know you do what you want.” “Just say it.” “S-say what? I have no idea what you're talking about ha ha ha.” I start to laugh nervously. Damnit, again?!

He gives me a ‘really?’ stare knowing that I was lying. “It’s to embarrassing to say.”

“You don’t think that it was hard to tell you I like the sound of you moans, and that they turned me on. But I really want to tell you so I did, just tell me. If it comes from your mouth I’m sure I’ll think it’s sexy.”

“W-well I wanted you to bite me.” I say quietly, Damien leaned down putting his face in my neck again.

“See I was right.” He whispered in my ear before biting my neck.

I felt him smiling against my skin as he heard me moan in response to his teeth meeting my skin. “So hot.” He whispers into my ear hotly his breath tickling my ear.

He then started to play with my nipples as he bit me. “I want to see them, please let me.”

He pulled away again looking me in the eye as he asked, I blushed and look away. I did this instead of telling him he could because I was to embarrassed about everything to actually tell him it was okay. He grinned, getting the hint that I was saying yes.

He removed my dress entirely, and undid my bra blushing he pulled it off, my face was redder now I could feel it.

While my expression, was now at the point where I was so embarrassed. That I looked angry as I tried not to make eye contact with Damian.

“You boobs are perfect.” I blush and look at Damian, “Don’t say that it’s so weird.” I blush and cover my face with one of my hands. “What, I gave you a compliment?” Damian continues laughing a bit then he smiled and moved my hand away.

“Show me your beautiful face.” I blush more then push in his chest a bit because I could tell he thought this was funny.

“Shut up.”

He gave me an evil grin, it kind of scared me because I had no idea what he’d do. He then leaned down it was like he was gonna kiss me, but he licked his lips.

Then realized what he was gonna do.

I didn’t even have the time to react because Damian had his lips around my nipple in seconds. With his fingers pinching and twisting my other one. I moan it sounding more like whimpering, his tongue swirled around it his cold saliva dripping down my chest now.

He opened his mouth as he licked looking at me, when I looked at him he looked like he had fangs; his front teeth we so pointy. He smiled lewdly it was obvious he liked my reactions.

I moan louder when he suddenly bit down on my nipple a little, he kept nibbling on me like I was some candy. “You're so sensitive.”

I blush looking down at him, he kissed my nipple it was a bit red now from him licking and nibbling. “I’m sorry.” Was that a bad thing? No seriously.

“You idiot that’s a great thing, it’s so fucking hot.” He said as he lifted my waist, and pulled it on his lap. I blushed feeling just how excited he was against my heat. Then he pulled me up to him so he could kiss me.

“Your lips are so soft.” “Y-yours are too.” I say honestly, Damian obviously not expecting a response was thrown off a bit and looked a bit pink. It was cute how he looks and acts so confident, but really he’s just as shy as the next guy.

“I’ve teased you enough.” He says as he composes himself, then took off his buttoned up shirt.

I smile and grab it from him putting it on, the opening you arms in a ‘ta da’ action.

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